Common On New Album, Presidential Election and Being Cool With His Exes

Common On New Album, Presidential Election and Being Cool With His Exes

Common stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album “Black America Again”, the presidential election, still being cool with all of his exes, rappers being lyrical again and much more.

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20 Responses

  1. efwilkins says:

    His voice is just sexy! And his face, and his body, and his personality
    too! Whew! I just love Common.

  2. lifestraight says:

    Positive brother, conscious rapper, all around poet. Much respect. Check
    out “Black, Maybe” on Finding Forever.

  3. Emerson Herndon says:

    Common always single and always want a girlfriend haha

  4. Phrenic Mad Hatter says:

    Did anyone notice he almost said Regina when he was naming the woman he
    dated. ??

  5. matubaM says:

    Top 10 dead or alive MC’s of all time!
    He has everything you need in an MC: wordplay, social message, street
    credibility (not the gangster type, just a real dude from the streets),
    freestyle ability, always stayed true to himself!

  6. finallynb says:

    From Englewood to a single hood in Botswana.

  7. Shain Issa says:

    How they not gonna say show respect this is a legend when envy introduces
    the guest as a special guest this morning

  8. Aisha B. Way says:

    Just give me a wk with him?

  9. willemdee says:

    Obama did more for gays and wealthy white males than any other group in
    America. Unfortunately, in this presidential race black folks don’t have a

  10. Hello Beautiful says:

    12:33 he was about to say Regina! Lol!

  11. Wati Umi says:

    I see a lot of “Common” dick riding in the comment section but how many of
    you are going to purchase his new project LMAO!
    I understand the females are going to dick ride literally but most of you
    niggas never supported my Chicago native.

  12. Krown King says:

    Hillary WILL NOT do anything productive SPECIFACLLY for Black ppl!!!!!!!!

  13. Premium Petro says:

    “Never looking back, or too far in front of me, the present is a gift, and
    I just wanna BE”

  14. hereforthefuckery says:

    I had to privilege of performing for Common at a university. I thought he
    was gonna go off stage while I performed, but he introduced me and stayed
    on the stage and listened. That meant a lot & It was surreal. There were no
    speakers available for a beat so I had to really stand out with the lyrics.
    I put my heart into that acapella and received a standing
    ovation—afterwards, Common came up to me and said “Yo, *_* you killed it
    out there”—to hear that from a veteran was amazing.

    There was a meet and greet afterwards, but I was too nervous and insecure
    to approach him and I knew he sensed that energy. I had to sort somethings
    within my personal self to get to the level/reality that I want for myself.

    I’m not going to share any links to my work, b/c I honestly know people
    don’t give a f**k on the internet—but I’ll be on the show soon.

    I think more artists need to understand that actions truly speaks louder.
    We should not only speak things into existence and claim it, but work those
    things into existence.

  15. The Khalifa Critic says:

    If i dont vote then im contributing to the problem?? thats bs, voting for
    Hilary or trump is me contributing to the problem. BOTH of these candidates
    are snakes. Its the DEVIL VS LUCIFER.

  16. devious141 says:

    I’m from Chicago, Common really out here….like I’ve met him like 7 times
    in the last 2 years, any event that help uplift the youth of the city, he’s
    there…..he’s solid..respect

  17. 407Movement says:

    sorry common. I out Hillary and Trump in the same spot. they both are
    horrible candidates. Hillary is so fucking crooked

  18. Thats Debo says:

    Common is a great rapper and actor, but endorsing Clinton because she
    promises to give us HOPE and CHANGE things for the better. Haven’t we heard
    this before?

  19. Buffalo Bill Cosby says:

    Common is in my top10 of all time.

    Let us not forget what he did to Cube in L.A. and the time he son’d Drake.


  20. D.A. Ragland says:

    I feel like if Trump won, people would be so pissed that they would fight
    for change instead of mindlessly following a system that doesn’t really
    give a damn about us. This election is a lose-lose situation on all levels.