Complete exchange between Sen. Kamala Harris and Attorney General William Barr (C-SPAN)

Complete exchange between Sen. Kamala Harris and Attorney General William Barr (C-SPAN)

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) questions Attorney General William Barr regarding the Mueller Report. Full video here:

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67 Responses

  1. used Cv ryxtxt Maria Theresa Pius says:

    Sick dem Kamala wants AG to do another round of investigation?????? Lol.

  2. NinjaRider777R says:

    She is rude as hell, and her own comments about what she would do if she became President are proving that she’s corrupt to the core as well.

    • BKD Vickers says:

      Actually what you are seeing is the same thing she always does. She pretends hearings are court cases and she goes into lawyer mode. That’s where you you see the rudeness. Lawyers like cutting people off and trying to confuse the person they are questioning in an attempt to get them to say something inaccurate. That’s what she’s up to. She also expects people to have a memory like a computer.

    • Alan Mauro says:

      “She also expects people to have a memory like a computer.”

      Barr took office on February 14th, 2019, if he can’t remember what’s happened, like recalling if the president asked him to open an investigation on someone, then he’s not fit to be dog catcher let alone the AG of the US! He’s only been in office for just over two months!

      I’d say he was just an idiot, but the reality is that he’s lying! I’d be hostile too, if the man who was supposed to be honest and truthful was testifying before the Senate and saying he doesn’t recall important stuff, which is a clear cover and a lie.

  3. Kim Wiliams says:

    OMG! Rosenstien has been involved with the IG throughout the whole investigation. What? You’re concerned about a conflict of interest now?

  4. InFamous StaR 7 says:

    Shes just putting up a show for the npc lamestream media. What a ?

  5. Rasheed Al-Nimr Al-Adab Siz Al-Muqrif says:

    She thinks she reached some conclusions that would be devastating to Trump! ?????????

  6. Eric Powell says:

    Senator Booker, sitting next to Harris, is just as incompetent.

    • Thomas Cruse says:

      +World2154 Maybe you should move to Wakanda…shes a whore lawyer..and a shitty one at that..kinda like the State she represents..people are gonna hang..treason is death

    • El Caudillo says:

      Both of them are incompetent …..bathroom Booker has been that way since he was mayor of Newark…..and Harris needs some new replacement knees because that’s the only way she climbed the ladder…..ask Willie Brown…..shes freaking disgusting typical liberal.

    • El Caudillo says:

      +V Williams if he lost how come he’s in the white house????

    • James Blanton says:

      Both of these bias swamp creatures are the heading of the democraps presidential canadants

    • James Blanton says:

      +V Williams trump supporters have nothing to get over because WE KEEP WINNING AND WINNING AND WINNING and not tired of winning

  7. Jor Mac says:

    Was that the same line of BS. That was asked during the Supreme Court conformation hearing of BK.

    • eebbeerrttpp says:

      Jor Mac No, moron. ????

    • Rocky Stellone says:

      +eebbeerrttpp Barr pretty much told her and the rest of the loser to fuck off

    • Hardway Harrison says:

      +Rocky Stellone Here’s the dipshit who thinks Fat Donny-the-john Trump gives a shit about him and other nobodies in this country, for anything other than their vote. This sad sack thinks Fat Donny has more in common with the ‘commoners’ than he has with the rich Democrats he has rubbed elbows with for decades.

      Hey dipshit; Fat Donny is calling, better doggy-up and wait for those crumbs after the fucking is done…

  8. Afrodellica says:

    She will be President Never.

  9. Douglas Barton says:

    Bill Barr: If you don’t like my interpretation of Bob Muellers report_ here read it for your self

  10. Harold Lindsay says:

    K. Harris statements at the HEARING were interesting. They cannot be called questions if you do wait for the answers…

    • Rick S says:

      That’s done by design to frustrate the witness old but very effective…

    • NPC#563.114.512.128 says:

      Dr Harris distanced himself from his daughter. Somehow sen. Harris is not fully to blame for what she has become.

    • epincion says:

      No she was correct. Unlike a court hearing each senator only gets 10 mins. Barr was deliberately being evasive in his non answers and effectively running the clock down. The primary reason he has refused to front up for the House Committee was that with the Dems in charge they have changed the rules so that each committee member gets unlimited question time which he really does not like.

  11. Mark Jensen says:

    Everyone is treated as a “Hostile Witness” by Harris.

  12. Dave Wade says:

    Kamala Harris… A lawyer who pretends not to understand how the justice system works. She knows very well how charges are brought or declined in our system. She is only feigning ignorance in order to score political points.

    • YT Browser says:

      These questions are to get Barr on the record. Stop spreading conspiracy theories and nonsense.

    • Fand Htwoohs says:

      Johnnyjohness Didn’t find anything? Do you not pay attention to anything that doesn’t fit your narrative? They most certainly did, yet Comey refused to bring charges. There’s that little inconvenient truth.

    • DarkRogue says:

      +Fand Htwoohs The FBI cannot bring charges. The evidence is brought to a federal prosecutor (or in this case, the DoJ) who then indites the charges. The FBI isn’t supposed to even give an opinion to the prosecutor on the matter as they are supposed to be neutral when it comes to application of the law. This is the reason why Comey’s press conference was so brow raising and abnormal. It makes you wonder what Bill Clinton said to Loretta Lynch (the AG at the time) on that plane.

    • johnnyohness says:

      +DarkRogue (((( and that there WAS evidence that government files had been deleted and destroyed from the server (crime) but in his opinion, felt that there was no prosecutor who would take such a case with the evidence prevented (not his call to make but stated that in the press conference ensuring that NO ONE WOULD))) You didn’t listen to Comey very well. Comey explicit made the point that there was an indication that in some cases Hillary was “careless” ie “could have been more careful. But the law states that there was no indication that it was anymore than that. In other words there was no intent to be malicious in her actions. Also it was made clear that many of those emails were “reclassified as classified” after the investigation was under way” There is a HUGE difference between classified and SECRET and TOP SECRET.

      ((( there WAS evidence that government files had been deleted and destroyed from the server (crime) ))) The emails she deleted could well have been of a personal nature where she might have been critical of someone or could have been personally embarrassingly personal. Peter Strzok is a classic example of that. His emails to his girlfriend indicated he didn’t like Trump. However there is NO indication he ever directly let it interfere with his job. Trump made sure he was fired because Trump would fire anyone who said anything about him. He’s just a petulant little bitch.

      Have you forgotten the Republicans investigated Hillary for over 2 years and 9 different investigations, and when they couldn’t find anything to prosecute her on they put her under oath and interrogated her publicly for 11 hours straight. Still they could not find anything. Can you even imaging Trump going through that? He could n’t even testify before Mueller for an hour. He had to submit his questions in writing, and he used the “I can’t remember over 30 times. Mueller said his answers were far from antiquity answered. ((( Barr asked Mueller to review his summary before he released it. Mueller declined. ))) Maybe Mueller figured Barr would have been more honest as to the reality of what the report really said, including the 10 examples of obstruction and other things. Barr said he had a personal telephone conversation with Mueller…yet ended the conversation with out a clue if Mueller was satisfied with Barr’s summery of the report. That was a flat lie. Mueller had sent his IN WRITING his displeasure with Barr’s summery of the report and demanded the (case of 10 examples) be made public.

      Barr testified to Charlie Christ that he didn’t know if Mueller agreed with his 4 page summery of the report. A huge bold face lie. Barr isn’t a stupid lawyer and very cleverly sought to filibuster the questioners questions by deflecting and going into the weeds with issues that strayed from a direct answer. He did this time after time, always asking the questioner to repeat the question. When they were cross examining Mrs Ford in the Kavanaugh hearings, they brought in a female professional lawyer to cross examine her if you remember. It has been made clear to Barr that the Dems have a professional lawyer they want to use to question him. Once he was made aware of that he has flat refused to appear before the House to be questioned under oath. He is running scared, because he would have met his match.

    • Aaron Bach says:

      She’s not pretending to not know. She’s asking direct questions about how the process up to this point has been followed. It’s strategic. They want Barr on record saying yes or no to these questions because of the implications it can have further down the line. She’s not asking because she doesn’t know the justice system. She know it quite well, as evidenced by her line of questioning. The answers aren’t for her edification, it’s for everyone else.

  13. TheMetalGuy852 says:

    Disrespectful? Yes.

    Why? Because these people know they were caught

    Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

    [DS] Game over

    • Matt K says:


    • Rafael Sandoval says:

      Oh yeah, that’s why Barr decided to decline his congressional summon. He’s stalling.

    • Mark Smith says:

      +Rafael Sandoval He’s not stalling. He doesn’t want to feel like he’s under prosecution for doing his job. He didn’t just give the 19 page Mueller summary, he gave the entire report. The goal posts move yet again for the Democrats who have stated countless times this President is a Russian spy. That charge alone should carry criminal charges against their party for defamation.

  14. Moxie McMahon says:

    Thanks C-SPAN! What a GREAT civics lesson for my son today on both the brilliance of some things, and the???? of others in our great system!

  15. Icon Canada says:

    Look at spartacus !!!! He will make a good first lady one day.

  16. Icon Canada says:

    2:18 – cocky cow. Smirking like what she is saying is ground shaking. lol.
    What a total gimp of a woman

  17. lani dela cruz Ramsey says:

    Lol circus k. Harris is clown ????

  18. Wally Hall says:

    Don’t you dare interupt me while im asking a meaningless and stupid question….

  19. Gideon1948 says:

    I think it’s time to empty Washington of all Congressional members who are lawyers. They all pontificate on laws but never follow, adhere or defend these laws.

    • johnnyohness says:

      Trump said he was going to drain the swamp. Looks like he is the biggest snake in the swamp. He’s only added more. Look how many have been arrested and gone to jail.

  20. Listen& Learn says:

    Kamala: are you capable of executing your responsibilities as a professional in a professional manner, yes or no?

  21. Arnie says:

    I think she needs another drink.☺

  22. Arnie says:

    If we where a civilized society,? why would the establishment pick a lying scant less lawyer thieves too be judges? You wouldn’t ? U would pick mother Theresa , a librarian a Rabi a crosswalk attend a five year old child, a priest a person with no place to stay . Not a lier (lawyer)

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