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-emma chamberlain

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28 Responses

  1. Poppy Rutter says:

    Emma tries a new coffee shop: this place is great

    Less than a minute later: *sat next to the coffee she normally gets*

  2. Isa Lenk says:

    Emma: “Take wooden fork”
    Also Emma: Shows a knife

  3. Jason Lin says:

    I love that she can just add “buy a new phone” on her bucket list in one second without any worries

  4. Mylianna Torres says:

    Random girl: takes pictures of her and friends for Polaroid wall

    Emma: takes pictures of her plums.

  5. Abby Urc says:

    Emma-I think I’m gunna have a great day
    About 30 seconds later
    I JuST cRackED mY PhONe

  6. Lizzy Luna says:

    Emma: “Take some wooden forks”
    Also Emma: *Takes wooden knives*

  7. Brooklyn Martin-Brown says:

    Emma wants to make a summer bucket list

    Summer equals going outside

    Emma skips all the outdoor activities

  8. KyleCaptures says:

    Ryan Trahan should have hired Emma to help build Hailey and his Fort.

  9. Citlali Lopez says:

    Who else wishes they were as alone as Emma…?
    I mean…having fun by yourself is the freedom I neeeed

  10. Tilly Jane Bruder says:

    Emma: “I lOvE tHiS nEw CofFeE pLaCe I’m GoNnA hAvE tO cOmE bAcK hEre!”

    Emma in the next clip: *has a Philz cup next to her*

  11. chelsey says:

    *tries new coffee shop
    gets pHiLzZz after few seconds ?

  12. Robyn Lyle says:

    emma really put her plant next to window BUT IN THE SHADE emma are u good

    • Eleanor Hockney says:

      well the sun moves all through the day? so it would be in the sun and some parts and in the shade at others

  13. David Stadler says:

    emma: “i’m going to make a colourful bucketlist”
    also emma: *writes first word in black*

  14. Ashlye & Sarahi says:

    So did anyone else get anxiety when Emma put her stool on the couch, thinking it was gonna fall on her while she was in the fort

    Just me, great ??

  15. Logan Bates says:

    Emma: ”Im a cooking channel”
    Emma 2 seconds later: *holding up two knives*
    “now take some wooden forks”

  16. Stella Hayward says:

    Anyone else want an update on her cat?

    • Alex quesadilla says:

      Same like where is he in this video ?? wish she made a Polaroid wall with Declan like???? Emma you fucked upppp

  17. chloe says:

    i LOST IT when the water balloon bounced off her head off the balcony ?????

  18. Quinn’sLife * says:

    no one:
    no one:
    literally no one:

    emma having a debate about nuts

    me: that’s what she said!

  19. Edits for Life says:

    Is no one curious about where her cat is lmao ????

  20. Ami B says:

    am I the only one asking where her cat is

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