Conan Hits The Gym With Kevin Hart – CONAN on TBS

Conan Hits The Gym With Kevin Hart – CONAN on TBS

Kevin and Conan work all the major muscle groups: biceps, lats, and of course, the taint.

“Kevin Hart: What Now?” is in theaters on October 14th.

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19 Responses

  1. jlee2016 says:

    What is the purpose of the drawstrings on kevins shirt? Theres no hood and
    its a workout shirt, seems quite distracting. Kinda like fineass Jen

  2. Diego Mateos says:

    This going to get like 2 million views.

  3. Sayon Palit says:

    Conan should have farted on Kevin hart’s face

  4. Ben Dover says:

    Why does Kevin Hart always play himself in every movie he’s in?

  5. You Tried It! says:

    my cheeks are hurting. only conan can be this funny. fallon would have no
    idea what to do

  6. Jeury Veloz says:

    Comedy feels a little forced in this one.

  7. Von Ael She says:

    Did anyone else notice the superior beauty and gorgeous frame of that
    female trainer, or am I the only one?

  8. IamCceeLL says:

    Im distracted by the trainer. Cant focus on the bit

  9. FricksFlicks says:

    The female trainer was simply there for me to look at the entire time and
    decide if I’m going to Google her… I am.

  10. zcribe says:

    Who works out with a dress watch?

  11. sh09un1 says:

    can someone please explain to me what the strings on his work out shirt is
    for? because i don’t see a hood… or a point to them.

  12. TheRealBeatMaster says:

    So Kevin can make a joke about how much he hates how white Conan is, but
    imagine it the other way round

  13. Ashley Johnson says:

    Whoa whoa….where’s ice cube?!

  14. Rome Manda says:

    I wanna see Norm Macdonald in one of these remotes, please!! Thats my
    diying wish

  15. Joe Sheppard (BladeThunderbolt) says:

    I was in pain and crying from laughing so hard at that.

  16. VANILLA YODA says:

    Cuck. Cuck is the word of 2016. And Conan is a girly red-headed noodle
    armed cuck.

  17. Dimka Lie says:

    Wow , did Kevin Hart really perform in front of 49000 people ? Kappa

  18. Zentacus says:

    Chick was trying hard to be part of the act and shots. She’s hot though.

  19. Sariboy says:

    Camera change