Conan Takes Jordan Schlansky To His Favorite Italian Restaurant

Conan Takes Jordan Schlansky To His Favorite Italian Restaurant

CONAN Highlight: Last year, Jordan Schlansky took Conan to his favorite Italian restaurant in the world. Now Conan’s returning the favor…

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64 Responses

  1. Andy Gomez says:

    Just once I want to see Jordan slap the snot out of Conan ?

  2. Ebefren Revo says:

    Im Italian and i approve this video.

    • sasha rama says:

      +zorzet luca tell me about you cooking skills and suggest me some receipes:-P

    • zorzet luca says:

      +sasha rama well for pasta there are tons of excellent recipes that go along with tradition, you probably don’t know them if you are not Italian. Many of them have to be made with Italian products, like carbonara (pecorino) but there are some nice ones. I’m gonna share a link to a funny but correct recipe for ragù bolognese for example

    • Breno Bacci says:

      +zorzet luca People say that about carbonara, but I reckon it tastes good enough if you use bacon and parmigiano rather than guanciale and pecorino. Also, Italians don’t seem to worry so much about little details like that. Or worry about anything, really. Now the French is another story. Don’t mess with their dishes!

    • zorzet luca says:

      +Breno Bacci It does taste good, but it does taste different. Of course it’s not the most important thing about it, but it changes the result a bit (it’s the last thing to worry about if you can’t correctly cook some pasta)

    • drewpamon says:

      Are you Italian or Italian-american?

  3. Jacob TheCritic says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t dress as Mario and Luigi

  4. jordan skarulis says:

    Next on Conan: Jordan Schlansky visits his native italian heritage of Long Island with Conan yelling at him in a Li accent, visiting deli’s, ordering bagels and bacon egg and cheeses!

  5. Michael Mcconnell says:

    What do you do when NBC gives your show to Leno, then lets him go and gives the late show to jimmy “fake” fallon? You steal jimmy fallon’s olive garden sketch with post malone and make it 10x better

  6. Tammi Swanson says:

    Could Conan’s hair get any higher???

  7. N N says:

    The amount of Jordan Schlansky videos I need will never be reached

  8. Venu Gopal Joshi says:

    Do you think that old man was payed for doing that commercial or did he just loved the food?

  9. tarfa M says:

    I see Jordan I click

  10. Lotte says:

    *Thank you, Team Coco, for this.* I miss them so much.

  11. Mia Singer says:

    “Cheese it up.”
    Is Conan secretly Kraft Punk?

  12. ejnava01 says:

    Dear “Late Night *Comedians*”, please watch very carefully and take notes… This is what a REAL comedic genius at work looks like! (looking at you Fallon, Leno, and such)

  13. Juan Valles says:

    Conan is the only reason I would ever consider going back to cable.

  14. imnctzen701 says:

    true friendship that is is base on annoying one another LMAO I really love them both

  15. McLovin says:

    Like they say in Italy:
    Merci Conan

  16. Genevieve says:

    3:54 *I would straight up choke on my freakin cannoli if I saw Conan on my birthday!*

  17. Beta MAX says:

    Conan never misses a mark. I was expecting Buca di Beppo but that wouldn’t have been near as funny as Olive Garden was.

  18. Yobany says:

    The waiter is a hottie

  19. Hombre de Brindis says:

    La Buttoni?
    Il Moreno?

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