Confederate Memorial Day Makes Waves in the South: The Daily Show

Confederate Memorial Day Makes Waves in the South: The Daily Show

While Alabama and Mississippi celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, some Southern cities like New Orleans are beginning to dismantle their Civil War monuments.

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20 Responses

  1. Cadmus says:

    Why can’t they abandoned racism and become decent human beings?

  2. Jay T says:

    Im for Mississippi and fuck the Confederates.

  3. Get Rekt says:

    Conservatives claim to be against things like participation awards yet having a holiday for the confederate flag is the ultimate participation trophy. “You lost the war but we’ll still give you a day to celebrate.”

  4. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Trump tries to be as racist as the Confederate flag because he’s jealous of how many stars it has.

  5. Barbara Metz says:

    This is like Germans firing up the ovens every year.

  6. Dan Aalfs says:

    when black people disappear for a whole day and no one knows why

  7. Another Made Up Internet Subculture says:

    hmm… blowing up cars and sending death threats, its like theyre terrorizing people to implement their political beliefs… hmm theres a word for actions like this… im pretty sure it start with a T.

  8. FifaFrancesco says:

    I just always call it the loser flag, not the confederate flag. A bunch of losers after all.

  9. The Stern Dragoon says:

    Confederate memorials: The world’s most pathetic participation trophies.

  10. HockeyPwnsBaseball says:

    We might as well have “Benedict Arnold Day” if we’re going to commemorate traitors.

  11. PikalaxALT says:

    Celebrating the Confederacy is akin to celebrating treason. No wonder they went so strongly for Trump.

  12. BladeWinters says:

    History has never been my strongest subject but didn’t the confederates fight against the Union a.k.a. the United States

  13. hi b says:

    fucking conservatives are racist illiterate cunts and anyone who supports the confederate flag is a traitor to the US

  14. Ethan Chapman says:

    I may have Confederate ancestors, but I’m educated enough to be far from proud of them.

  15. Cami H says:

    Wtf these people are honoring traitors of the Union. The losing side doesn’t get to honor those that fought against the victors when the victors take over. You don’t see the Germans putting aside a day to remember and honor the Nazi’s. We only honor the fallen of the losing side when we acknowledge that we were the ones who were immoral. What kind of country allows a Memorial Day for the enemies of that country and they were fighting for injustice?

  16. James Burgess says:

    So the Confederates LEFT the United States because Lincoln was ‘neutral’ on slavery, wanted to have a war and KILL other Americans just to keep over 4 million slaves.

    And these are the “real Americans”?

  17. Maddie Mathias says:

    How would you feel if there was a Memorial Day for Nazis?

    It’s the same thing, just more subtle…

  18. Montesama314 says:

    Nothing says respecting heritage like threatening to kill those with opposing beliefs.

  19. awkward bunnee says:

    I like how most are Trump supporters who are telling people to get over Trump winning yet are waving the confederate flag….The North won!!!! Get over it shiiiiit

  20. heyitsbea says:

    I don’t understand this whole “honoring our heritage” bullshit. It’s not like germans are going around dressed up as Nazis to “honor their heritage”

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