Confinement: Connor vs SCP-682 (INDESTRUCTIBLE LIZARD)

Confinement: Connor vs SCP-682 (INDESTRUCTIBLE LIZARD)

the virus is the real prank :/

things are financially rough right now and it costs a bit of money to make Confinement, but recently I’ve been talking to some people about a fixed budget to help produce episodes 8-10, so that’s exciting. Until that happens, things are gonna be unfortunately slow as I wither away into brokeness.

Created by me
Audio edited by Aidan Walker
Music by SpeedforceMusic

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52 Responses

  1. onepunch elite says:

    This fight was the most honorable fight I ever seen they pushed each other to the limits within that 20sec time period with causes alot of dbz moments it was epic. Thank you creator of this amazing fight. But on a even more serious note can’t wait tell episode 8.😆

  2. InfinityDoomMan Channel says:

    We’ve been duped!


    Mr. Krabs:

    We’ve been smeckledorfed!

    Mr. Krabs:
    That’s not even a word and I agree with ya!

  3. Stryker Waller says:


  4. Devon Amador says:

    Conor: “Well this is going to be awhile”

  5. ActualAnthonino says:

    Even though this is a joke, I’d like to imagine some random person who hasn’t heard of you or SCP just scrolling down in the trending page, seeing this video, and being utterly confused after watching it.

  6. SbeveSpeilman says:

    exuse me for my inglesh
    lord bung ‘posts clicbate’
    me ‘no’

  7. Lucifer says:

    just make sure you’re in confinement, we wouldn’t want you to get sick

    if i hear you cough, then this will turn into a threat 🙂

  8. Mattlejaq says:

    *Sees Lord Bung on trending*

    We did it boys, but at what cost.

  9. Cantinho Do Café says:



  10. Graphite Forest says:

    It be like that sometimes.


    *munch munch*

    *crunch crunch*

  11. Zobble Stone says:

    This video is how I discovered that today, is april first. April Fools everybody.

  12. IncredibleNagelBagel .cooliopoolio says:

    Why was a version of Taking care of business playing at the end? Anyone’s else notice this? Just me? Ok

  13. Caliber Light says:

    Me : “seen the thumbnail video and the look At the date”

    Also me : “suspicious face”

  14. 1 Subscriber Before 2021 says:

    Lord bung: makes clickbait title


  15. David Lopez says:

    I mean, this would be the extent of their interaction. So technically, aside from the monster design, Bung gave us exactly what we were asking for

  16. Muhammad Rafa Amrullah says:


    *crunching noises*
    *Chewing noises*

  17. Alex Goforth says:

    my mind:
    “oh cool, a lord bung upload”

    *sees chameleon-type creature*
    “hang on thats not what he looks like-”

    ” *oh* “

  18. Nahuel Melis says:

    -“What was even the point of this test Dr Bright??”
    -‘the what now?…’

  19. KimiGaming says:

    Connor’s face when being pulled by the tongue and into the mouth is fantastic.
    He is so used to this

  20. PUNMPKIN says:

    An absolute masterpiece. Brought tears to my eyes and absorbed me emotionally with every second.

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