Congresswoman Demonstrates ‘Worst Parking Job Ever’

Congresswoman Demonstrates ‘Worst Parking Job Ever’

Abandon all hope, ye who happen to park anywhere near geometrically challenged-motorist Eleanor Holmes Norton.

An HOH tipster watched in horror Wednesday as the 77-year-old D.C. delegate awkwardly forced her way into a wide-open spot in the carefully controlled corridor of New Jersey Avenue Northeast sandwiched between the Longworth and Cannon House Office buildings.

“If she parks like that she should not be a member of Congress anymore,” one mystified observer — who wisely recorded more than a minute of the automotive travesty — suggests after witnessing Norton reportedly rub the correctly positioned, red sports utility vehicle to her immediate left with her improperly angled, silver sedan.

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20 Responses

  1. EffingtonCouldBe says:

    I also watched in horror at the VERTICAL VIDEO. When will you people learn
    to rotate the damn phone? Huh?

  2. Rea1ity Check says:


  3. 812JLS says:

    Ok, shes like 100 yrs, i can expect that…but how about her little pee-on
    assistant allowing that and not offering to get in and fix it for
    her….what a tool…scared to hurt her feelings…grow a sack man

  4. thatguywillt says:

    Uploading an un-cut video to youtube requires an 3 editors and a producer?

  5. ipperz12 says:

    Note: CongressWOMAN 

  6. pyrobooby says:

    Wow, amazing catch on this one, guys. I need to speak to the guys at Roll
    Call right away. Contact me! chao(.)outside(at)gmail(.)com

  7. Cori Coffin says:

    Great video! Can we use this in our broadcast ABC News in Austin? For use
    online and with affiliates as well, with courtesy of course?

  8. voxac30withstrat says:

    Selfish, inconsiderate and incompetent. And this idiot is a congressman?
    Someone should go and kick all the panels in and smash her windows and
    headlights and slash her tyres.

  9. John Shepherd says:

    And these folks are the leaders of our nation. 

  10. frey828 says:


  11. kozmiko says:

    This is enough, stop this vertical video nonsense!!!

  12. Cliff Korth says:

    This is obviously Bush’s fault.

  13. Lance Bencz says:

    MANDATORY term limits!!!

  14. Jerry Rotten says:

    “The entitlement and stupidity are strong with this one…”

  15. Gerald Thomas says:

    That’s a Liberal parking job if I’ve ever seen one!!

  16. miamihurricane101 says:

    Why didn’t the aide just help her? She’s obviously a less than sharp old
    lady, 77 yrs old to be exact. God save America she’s in office.

  17. 2and2make5 says:

    This demon said that citizens have no right to know what the government
    does. It is clearly incapable of anything, even simple tasks such as
    parking. It deserves to die.

  18. jayze10 says:

    What does any one expect out of a liberal Democrat. “Don’t do as I do, do
    as I say?” Her license should be suspended immediately. She even had
    trouble walking out of her car, she had to hold on to it. Maybe she’s

  19. Haosheng Xu says:

    Those sideways parking slots can get quite confusing. She must have assumed
    all of the other cars have parked incorrectly…

  20. bacon not cripy says:

    chill she’s old