Conor McGregor BREAKS SILENCE following UFC 264 loss,Dana White on McGregor insulting Poirier’s wife

Conor McGregor BREAKS SILENCE following UFC 264 loss,Dana White on McGregor insulting Poirier’s wife

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DUSTIN POIRIER reacts to his win over Conor McGregor, talks potential rematch and adresses Conor McGregor’s trash talk towards him and his wife Jolie Poirier

DANA WHITE on what’s next for Conor McGregor following UFC 264 loss

FLOYD MAYWEATHER wins over $35,000 after Dustin Poirier defeats Conor McGregor at UFC 264

GILBERT BURNS reacts to his decision win over Stephen Thompson and talks potential rematch with Kamaru Usman

SEAN O’MALLEY reacts after dominant win over Kris Moutinho

CONOR MCGREGOR breaks silence following UFC 264 loss to Dustin Poirier

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47 Responses

  1. Fabian Poortman says:

    Connor is still mystic Mac he foresaw a stretcher just didn’t see his ass on it 😂😂

  2. Eddie Hills says:

    Dana: “Yeah i don’t like that, leave peoples wives out of it”

    Also Dana: “Put it in the promo for the rematch”

  3. John Tyler Barney says:

    I’m glad Conor finally broke his silence, we didn’t hear from him for a whole 10 hours

  4. isaw ilraen says:

    Mystic Mac: “Leaving on a stretcher”

    He predicts dees tings once again

    • mylifes a movie your life is my life says:

      Broke his leg on a rainbow and dustin took his pot of gold

    • Ken Stanaford says:

      @Jeremy Dalton For one ” IT WAS YEARS AGO”! Bones after break, and Build up of calcium around fracture,, tend to become more dense, and stronger with time,, among healthy adults and children. Especially in an athlete. I still don’t think Silva was ever again 100-90- even more than 80% with confidence and mobility,, (IN THE OCTAGON),,, compared to the Silva that destroyed Franklin, and others. generally,, I think MOST in contact sports meds would agree,,especially in these extreme Leg breaks! Plus,, nobody considers the Mental factors, and possible lack of confidence,, EVEN FEAR,, associated with a severe injury and a comeback. Peace!

    • Ken Stanaford says:

      @mylifes a movie your life is my life 😆 Good one!

    • Jordan Francis says:

      @Ken Stanaford yes exactly my point

    • Ken Stanaford says:

      @Jordan Francis yeah,, you are 100% friend.

  5. Dark Glass says:

    Conor: I see fragility

    Conors Ankle: Who you talkin to bro?

  6. Slade Graham says:

    I have a theory: Conor first fractured his leg during the press conference, when he sucker-kicked Dustin during the stare-down.

    • England says:

      It was an injury no finish

    • Leo Da Lyon says:

      Official UFC pages says it was KO/TKO round 1 5:00.

      He got injured fighting Dustin. So it’s a finish.

    • Jake Wojtowicz says:

      @Leo Da Lyon that’s what the record says but anyone watching knows that’s not what happened

    • TheGingerGiant says:

      @Jake Wojtowicz He was losing the fight up to that point either way. He most likely got injured during the check, and broke it when stepping wrong. Lost the fight 100%.

    • Ignis Solus says:

      @TheGingerGiant i Saw theweasel analysis and there was no check.. in fact the low kick by connor whiffed .. barely any contact.. either connor had an undisclosed injury or was a freak accident.. i remember the vera vs omalley fight.. similar weird step

  7. davefrenchfry says:

    He didn’t break silence, he broke his ankle.

  8. carlson kearley says:

    I feel like there’s no need for another Connor has nothing left and it’s getting boring he’s holding Dustin up from moving forward in the division

    • D. John says:

      @Tom Stacey I’d like to see those fights. But, I think if the UFC is smart they give Ferguson and McGregor easier fights. It’s in their best interest to get them both wins so they can continue using them to sell fights.

    • 1979osmocote says:

      Connor needs to fight lesser opponents. Get him another fight with Cerrone

    • Daniel Was Taken says:


    • England says:

      @1979osmocote conor needs two rune up fights why he kicked dustin soo hard he broke his legs for himself

    • EternalBird says:

      Atleast give him someone with name but lesser skill set and don’t have good stamina first. Tune him up a bit if UFC still want to use him.

  9. Groovy Buddha says:

    McGregor: “You’re fookin dead Saturday night!”
    Conors ankle: “Conor was never my friend.”

  10. Daniel Potyok says:

    DW- “You can’t have a fight finish like that.”

    Anderson Silva & Chris Weidman- 🤨

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