Conor Mcgregor “I’m gonna stop floyd! The world is gonna eat their words! I am boxing!

Conor Mcgregor “I’m gonna stop floyd! The world is gonna eat their words! I am boxing!

Conor Mcgregor “I’m confident as a motherf*cker! I’m gonna stop floyd! The whole world is gonna eat their words!

In this Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor Mcgregor video, Conor Mcgregor goes ape shit and says he will stop Floyd Mayweather and the world will eat their words!”

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20 Responses

  1. Ivan Amodeo says:

    The Plumber looks a bit high, cocaine is a helluva of a drug

  2. KRIT420 x7 says:

    what’s this guy’s boxing record 0-0-0?

  3. Jose G. Pizano says:

    mma taking over ?

  4. danglesnipecelly13 says:

    He believes in himself. Nothing wrong with that. The dude has been getting doubted his whole life. He loves this shit. But I don’t think he’ll win. But it’s not impossible**

  5. Eric Chan says:

    Mayweather vs Mcgregor…someone’s O has got to go lol

  6. Gary M says:

    Connor will fight!better than berto fight!?and we’re all gonna buy PPV!?FACT!????fuck it!its a show!it will b a good one aswel????

  7. inRX Setla says:

    Trying to imitate Ali so hard lol

  8. Spencer Karpin says:

    LMAO I LOVE IT. He may lose badly, but he lacks 0 confidence

  9. Sami Singh says:

    I’m going for Conor in this one. He got the Muhammad Ali confidence going on. Can’t deny the fact that he’s a true well rounded fighter. That left hand will put Floyd to sleep.

  10. Matador Hernandez says:

    It’s cringeworthy to see people actually giving Conor a chance, his sparring videos should show you enough but then again people who don’t box are the ones supporting him ?

  11. delon t says:

    #TBE 50-0

  12. BR Rider says:

    This is must see tv lol..I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be embarrassing for Conor..but Floyd has been known to get caught early before he has a chance to figure his opponent out (takes 2 rounds usually)..The world would stop spinning if Conor drops Floyd lmfao..

  13. Sena says:

    i am boxing – CM Punk

  14. MMA Expert says:

    I’ll be putting 25 on Conor. Why the fuck not I’ll win like 300 if a miracle happened

  15. mr td202 says:

    besides PRO boxing experience conor has literally everything else required to beat floyd. before i break it down let me start by saying it all depends on how floyd fights. IF he fights like he normally does, than conor probably doesnt even have a punchers chance. BUT floyd will most likely NOT fight like he normally does.. hes gonna most likely go in there with a point to prove, this is my world, stay with MMA, and try and knock him out, cause if he doesnt and he boxes and “runs” from conor he gonna get shit on for letting an MMA fighter go to decision with TBE. so if floyd does come in aggressive uncharacteristic which is likely, than i give conor a huge shot. all his wins are based off respecting his opponents abilities and its likely he will not respect conors stand up skills..he bigger with longer reach, if you dont think hes much bigger go see mcgregor talking to kovalev, almost outsizes the light heavyweight champ thats not in fight shape, youll see when they face off.. but an aggressive floyd is a catchable floyd, conor is 28 years old, in his prime, unlike almost all of floyds opponents, has more self belief than anyone hes fought even as an MMA fighter. wont get blinded by the big stage, he eats pressure alive, and most yall debating are either casual or hardcore MMA fans, or casual or hardcore boxing fans, i noticed none of yall are hardcore fans of both. conor is more known for his timing than his power, floyd had 2 inch reach on manny and he still popped floyd with lefts, even stunned him for a sec. conor aint maidana all wide swinging, he straight down the middle with his shots like manny, also southpaw like manny which floyd has issues with, and will be even more confident and bigger than manny and has 2 inches of reach on floyd unlike manny. floyd is 41 years old hasnt fought or trained in 2 and half years, conor is very active, and will have the crowd advantage and mindset advantage, he will get in floyds head unlike anyone floyd has fought hes gonna make sure floyd comes out aggressive i promise. and everyone has shit game plans with floyd most cant even speak english. and most focus on looking flashy way to much, conor simple with his shots, basic fundamentals and hes gonna have the right counters gone over over and over again for floyds basic ass one two, over hand, and straights to the body. conor gonna eat his shots all day floyd is known for hand surgeries and light punches, conor fights bigger guys with smaller gloves and is known for a good me yall conor has a legit shot here. he gonna play dirty with floyd too, show his MMA superiority, hell if maidana can take floyd down im sure conor can. lol floyd cheated the game of boxing, retired undefeated, barely any damage, made more money than anyone in sports..made everyone fight and act like him with divaish money demands,. turned the casuals away, took all the money thats left in boxing, retired and then left boxing to die,floyd beats women he a sell out to the black community, he known for cherry picking and now hes trying to make more money than he did with manny, to beat marcianos 50-0 record with the biggest cherry of them all… an MMA fighter.. floyd got real karma heading his way, and if conor can upset, it will ruin his legacy and officially put a toe tag on the sport of boxing forever

  16. WolfTickets says:

    if mcgregor beat floyd thats the final nail in boxing

  17. Floyd "Money" Mayweather says:

    Wow this bum really wants to be #VICTIM50 huh? LMFAO! #TBE #50-0

  18. therock343 says:

    He was trying to imitate Ali…. you can tell he’s doing it just for a paycheck

  19. BlameDamage says:

    its all troo cooner is gun ko flod in 1st rownd den rutyre

  20. Damien Black says:

    I don’t give a fuck what he says just make it happen.

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