Conor McGregor Is Having a Baby!!! “I’m Crapping Me Jocks”

Conor McGregor Is Having a Baby!!! “I’m Crapping Me Jocks”

Conor McGregor announced he’s having a baby after his win at UFC 205.


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19 Responses

  1. BallSackGaming says:

    eddie annoced this days ago slow ass megregor nuthugger

  2. Albert Albert says:

    Will you call his son Nate for humbling you a little bit or Dana for
    letting you keep a belt for over a year at 145 and skip all contenders at

  3. Johnny Rei says:

    He really seems like he’s gonna be an awesome dad. Lucky baby.

  4. CMDR 6LyGoOs3 says:

    right out of the WOMB!!! Training first, milk later! no mercy!

  5. wally russ says:

    If its a boy he should name it Connor
    If its a girl he should name it Eddie

  6. Arima says:

    Very Talented and Amazing Fighter but he comes off as such an asshole who
    likes to feel/be superior to others.
    He is also funny at times.

  7. Akio Candano says:

    if its a boy name him Conor Mcgregor II
    if its a girl name her Connie Mcgregor

  8. Do Something About It says:

    Child Support is gonna bite him in the ass.

  9. TheYoungWolf says:

    That baby is gonna grow up to be one Bad Ass

  10. TRUMP says:

    Hey congrats Man…that will humble the shit outta anyone…but great fight
    man,yout the best

  11. MrElectricpop says:

    He stutters so much

  12. Tobirama says:

    WTF is he saying?

  13. yoofamily88 says:

    He’s fucking tweaking.

  14. Tyrone Jackson says:

    McGrego didnt even no when hims baybay wuz due,now dats gangsta!

  15. Raff J says:

    The only thing Conor is a afraid of lol xD

  16. Adam Jackson (Unevensteps) says:

    you are a father now Mc Gregor. You are the first time have two belts.
    Retire on top, be a good dad. Teach the kiddo letters and numbers.

  17. jojith en says:

    i dont know what fluk is he slayiing

  18. EnvyNinja says:

    He doesn’t want to be a dad? So why he been fuckin then?

  19. Richard68434 says:

    I can’t understand him