Conor McGregor Loses to Dusin Poirier Via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) | UFC 262 Recap | CBS Sports HQ

Conor McGregor Loses to Dusin Poirier Via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) | UFC 262 Recap | CBS Sports HQ

Rashad Evans joins CBS Sports HQ to break down McGregor-Poirier III!


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29 Responses

  1. M. Mamun says:

    Conor doesn’t deserve anything. Hasn’t had a winning streak since Barack Obama LOL

  2. AW_FREAK2000 says:

    connor was never the same after his mayweather fight

    • christian revuelta says:

      Yeah agree, Mayweather destroyed him. Heavy punches

    • TomimiDezu says:

      It was the things he did after that fight.

      He got so much money he probably stopped training. Imagine winning hard fights and getting scraps while Mayweather runs around you giving you the softest punches you ever receive in your life, lose and still make more money that your entire UFC career’s paycheck.

      That will destroy your motivation as a fighter.

    • Manuel Gonzales says:

      Mayweather is a pussy. Change this to Khabib. Khabib is the one who took his soul.

    • Capalotty Slimalini says:

      And you’re his psychiatrist? 😂 I swear everybody think they know everything making all these assumptions

  3. A B says:

    Never start a cycle of negativity. It will always come back to bite you…

  4. DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR says:

    If I’m Dustin I’m moving on from McGregor he won 2 out of 3

  5. Nick Parry says:

    Someone leaving on a stretcher
    Mystic Mac predicts these things.

  6. Miller Time says:

    McGregor is looking at least 12 months out. Dustin is fighting for the belt in November, December timeframe

  7. Jason rodriguez says:

    Dustin mauled Conor that first round; Conor fades as fight goes, Dustin Gets better. You do the Math. BTW you dont fracture your ankle like that just from rolling it. his leg was already compromised.

  8. Jona Thon says:

    Just think about it…if that was a real fight, Dustin could of casually walked over to conor while he was screaming insults at him, about his wife nonetheless and done whatever he wanted to him. Pissed on him, beat him up more, choke him out, break his other leg. You can’t write this shit, it was like a damn movie

  9. Randy Moore says:

    Conor damaged himself, with a bad game plan. Dustin won. Lets move on.

  10. C says:

    Mcgregor’s ankle said “fuck this clown, I’m going back home”

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