Conor McGregor’s post-fight interview after losing to Floyd Mayweather | SportsCenter | ESPN

Conor McGregor’s post-fight interview after losing to Floyd Mayweather | SportsCenter | ESPN

Conor McGregor joins Brett Okamoto for a post-fight interview after losing to Floyd Mayweather by TKO in the 10th round.

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20 Responses

  1. Alonzo Lewis says:

    If you really look close you can see someone playing the worlds smallest violin.

  2. Madden with enriqueee says:

    It amazes me how you haters are still trying to downtalk conor after almost going the distance with And giving the work to arguably one of the greatest to ever do it, much respect to conor for stepping out of his zone and accepting the challenge you animal ?

  3. Lil Dagga says:

    He said Floyd can’t punch but look at his eye my gawd that thing is going to be black asf tomorrow nevertheless the fight is over Floyd won

    50-0 go back to mma Conor and try to be the best there

  4. LBJHarden says:

    Floyd whooped him..

  5. WestCoast Ridah says:

    White people google search history:

    – How to be black
    – School shooting for dummies pdf
    – Why does my skin keep peeling off?
    – How to handle rejection from dogs
    – Petsmart Vacancies 
    – If I impregnate my mom am I the father of the child or am I his brother?
    – What makes Floyd so great?
    – KIDS Playgrounds in my area
    – Overcoming shyness at the Zoo 
    – 2017 slang

  6. POPOFFTHEN says:

    Pussy got rocked 50-0

  7. Show Off Ent says:

    This nigga got the fetty wap? and he still confident? lol u gotta respect mcgregor tho he did his thing cant lie?????

  8. Joshua Pangaribuan says:

    conor is the spitting image of paulie malianaggi now lol black eyed and delusional complaining about the ref

  9. Nothing Special says:

    For all the people saying “Now lets see Mayweather get into the octagon and see what McGregor does to him” …. I bet most of you are the same ones who said McGregor would win THIS fight. Stop making excuses because your guy lost! Connor did fight well tho ??

  10. random dude says:

    All you boxing pussy’s that are still talking shit about this man are just showing you’re a bunch of classless bitches. McGregor showed respect to Floyd and your boring ass sport and yet you still manage to talk shit? He just went 10 rounds with arguably the best ever and won 4 rounds. Enjoy GGG vs. Canelo because when one of their hands is raised, boxing is dead.

  11. J-T says:

    With Mayweather going for the KO, that would have been an opening for McGregor to come back. He was gassed but you can still come back from that by collecting yourself for a moment. Still McGregors fault for letting the ref see how gassed he was.

  12. Godsin says:

    American are the best fiighter, whoever trynna fight us gonna get knock out like conor

  13. 2TM16 says:

    What did you people expected? Of course Floyd is gonna beat Conor in his OWN game. I wanna see Floyd fight Conor in the octagon and go to distance.

  14. southbeatz says:

    For those that thought McGregor wouldn’t even land shots on Mayweather or even be competitive, he landed more shots than Pacquiao did against Mayweather and he’s not even a boxer. We all knew Mayweather would most likely win but so many doubted that it would be competitive so they both won really. Mayweather broke a record with 50-0 and McGregor did better than most of Mayweather’s previous opponents.

  15. hahahahahahahaha says:

    delusional fuck “let me get to the corner” nigga their was 2 mins left in the round and you looked dead. you would’ve went down, got up, and he would’ve jumped on you again. either way you aint making it out the 10

  16. Alex Mallinson says:

    Is Conors excuse in every fight going to be “I got tired”?

  17. Dom Minion says:

    McGregor will be forever known as the guy who made his money from being a celebrity punchbag for retired boxers. Also, his English is dreadful!

  18. Jäger says:

    The sheer amount of racists people white/black is devastatingly sad literally any politics and race has to be brought up about everything lmao.

  19. J.J. Swann says:

    Mayweather taught him a lesson on how to really fight.

  20. Nathaniel Turner says:

    truth is racism is the real heavy weight champion of the world, mayweather is “american” and conner is irish but because of his skin color the whole white world voted for conner. now how disloyal is that to your home country wheres your sense of patriotism? wheres the usa usa chants? there is none just a bunch of sad white faces, like damn that nigger won again. smh best boxer all time better than rocky marciano and still gets treated like a nigga. crazy

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