Controller Rumble is not enough to feel the game, Just Rumble Everything!

Controller Rumble is not enough to feel the game, Just Rumble Everything!

Insanely bigger version of controller rumble which works same as controller.
After using this you will think twice before wasting bullet.
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47 Responses

  1. Zcypot says:

    lmao go play a big map of battlefield with tanks and planes

  2. Grandpa Bells says:

    See you next time when you hit a million views

  3. Lorenzo Pozza says:

    jesus christ, laughed so hard. please make it work properly

  4. TnT404 says:

    You have to put it under your seat and try in in a racing game now

  5. Tony Sheridan says:

    I was on the edge, then I lost it when it went onto the Google homepage! 😂

  6. Letins says:

    I’m sure this will hit way more views than it has right now

  7. PatPlays says:

    Imagine playing a racing game with this setup lol

    • ingressus17 says:

      many direct-drive race wheel bases use similar industrial-level motors, with designated kill switches (big red button)

  8. Pocket Paxton says:

    If the rumble is this intense with this small stuff, imagine what an earthquake in game would feel like 😂

  9. Leap says:

    I like how you know exactly what you’re getting with this video when you click on it but it’s still really funny

  10. Mateus Campello says:

    This had my literally crying, good job.

  11. Blubb Blubb says:

    A rumbling gaming seat. Sounds like a business idea.

  12. Zachary Weyandt says:

    This is hilarious, that looks like a 1/3hp 3 phase motor. These are usually used for industrial conveyor belts and stuff. How did you get this to work?

  13. Really Random says:

    Desk: Rumbles like the world is going to end.
    Teeneggr: “OH 2 LUCKY SHOTS”

  14. Zachary Hartmann says:

    “I think he needs a monitor mount”
    *Gets ducktape*
    Red-Green Approves

  15. dodo828 says:

    POV: You’re my upstairs neighbor

  16. Guy Bean says:

    “i’m sick of games with no recoil!”

  17. AutoMotion StopMotion says:

    Guy: Takes one shot

    Giant motor: And I took that personally

  18. Jared Awesomepants says:

    Finally, a way for me to FEEL like SpiderMan

  19. Fierce Peter Gaming says:


  20. Ricardo Soto says:

    Neighbor: ” What is that noise”
    Him:”Its just my message table”

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