Conventions (I miss them)

Conventions (I miss them)

I hope these videos aren’t CONVENTIONal to you
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55 Responses

  1. Bricks For Lunch Updated- 50 SUBS GOAL BEFORE 2021 says:

    “Is James A Furry” is not a real question…

    However… it’s an answer

  2. Gwenaroni macaroni says:

    Everyone wondering in James’s a furry when I’m here trying to find out if he likes Jon bellion

  3. Jesusa Pacano says:

    Everyone: iS jAmeS a FurRY???
    James: Well yes but actually no

  4. 8Bit REX says:

    “that darn *cOmPuter mAchiNe*”
    – James, 2020

  5. Kk jj says:

    James: “I guess some of you aren’t’ law abiding citizens.”

    Me: Umm…….

  6. Irene Kim says:

    Everyone else: talking about whether James is a furry or not
    Me: how do people give him fan mail? Do people know his address?

  7. Gustavo Martins da Silva says:



    Everyone that think his a furry: *HHHMMMM*

  8. Cucumber Watermelon says:

    “TheOdd1sOut with a nose doesn’t exist…”

    *TheOdd1sOut with a nose:*

  9. IH Noob says:

    The disklikes were the people who hate furries

  10. Michelle Lopez says:

    james: *fanboys over guys*
    james: *mentions furries once*
    everybody: HES A FURRY
    edit: i know james may or may not (probably tho) be a furry im just sayon nobody else notice he only fanboys over guys? it was a joke.

  11. BepisBroccoli says:

    James is 100% he’s just a guy who:
    1: Has made jokes in the past about being a furry
    2: When asked about being a furry said kept things vague
    3: Has appeared in videos with furries multiple times
    4: Got a fursuit, and a good looking one at that, meaning he spent a whole hell of a lotta money on it
    5: Showed said fursuit off in a video
    6: Went to a furry convention
    7: Made jokes about it being obvious that he’s a furry
    8: Made a fursona named Chip
    9: Named his dog floof, which isn’t a furry word, however, is often used by them
    10: Is Clearly a furry
    C’mon guys, it’s just a joke, clearly, ya’ll need to get your facts straight.

  12. DragonSlayer says:

    So if James grandfather died, there’s a chance that the nazis could’ve won ww2.

    • TheColonel Yuri says:

      Realistically the germans would have lost the war at the point of d day, although this world would be alot darker without James

      Now I’m curious about his grandfather’s service in ww2 since I’m kinda desperate for war stories from youtubers

    • AlaskanAssassin says:


  13. ConyYT3D says:

    James: Well I have received fan mail from prison.
    Everybody: …

  14. sonny smith says:

    99.99% of comments “JaMeS Is A fUrRy”

    The other 0.001% me

  15. Flaming Pheonix says:

    4:00 James: ”has a bigger line than jeff goldblum”
    Jeff: not bad kid

  16. Tabbs says:

    Therapist: Furry james doesn’t exist he can’t hurt you

    *Furry James* :

  17. Esmeralda Ramirez says:

    someone’s in jail because they didn’t wear their seatbelt

  18. ThatOneStickman Guy says:

    Therapist: Theodd1stout with a nose isn’t real, he can’t hurt you

    Theodd1stout with a nose:

  19. 499 subs no vids challenge says:

    Is James a Furry?
    Is a question.
    James is a Furry.
    Is the answer.

  20. Thor says:

    Everyone: iS jAmes a FurRY???

    James: well yes but actually no

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