COOKING A HEALTHY DINNER *i’m an adult now*

COOKING A HEALTHY DINNER *i’m an adult now*

wife material


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-emma chamberlain

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31 Responses

  1. KMARTtv says:

    emma: Why is it when I cook it never tastes as good as I hope it will.


    • Kevin Brooks says:

      I havent measured for years. Like anything else the more you do it the better you get at it. Hell I use my palms if I need to measure lol

    • Aite aite aite aite aite aite says:

      @Kevin Brooks true once you start cooking the more your do it the less you need to measure your just kinda “know”

  2. Miss Miliakate says:

    emma: my food never turns out right 🙁
    also emma: **guesses measurements**

  3. Benni Benni says:

    Emma: buys four bags of Whole Foods

    Also Emma: cooks only rice, brussel sprouts and chick peas

  4. Smol Niki says:

    I love how Emma is becoming a happy independent woman.
    Also I was shocked when she said she watched Hitchcocks’ movies at 7.

  5. Emily Lynch says:

    You should do a video where anything your cat touches you buy

  6. •Lil Asian egg• NICORPIN says:

    “ my biggest pet peeve is when I have to walk”
    -emma 2019

  7. merike wolmarans says:

    9:08 *literally* *my* *sims* *talking*
    10:15 *u* *speed* *up* *ur* *sims* *world* *but* *realise* *ur* *sim* *is* *eating*

  8. JENNA says:

    In case you’re wondering. Yes, people from Brussels (me) just say sprouts. You’re welcome

  9. Pizza Margherita says:

    Legends say that Emma is still pouring in olive oil

  10. B.Rocks Art says:

    Emma: “I don’t know why I put this many in my mouth at once ?”
    Also Emma: “That’s what she said ?”
    *Emma after picturing things in her head:* ?

  11. zuzia prince says:

    *emma:* “i live in an apartment”
    *the apartment:* 10 times bigger than my house

  12. Baran says:

    ‘I don’t look good when I eat’
    ?????Emma pls

  13. Carina H. says:

    Emma *screams*: dinner is ready… oh it’s just me
    Also Emma: cooks like a ton of food??

  14. Epileptic Emily says:

    Emma eating: ‘this is the first time I’ve cooked for myself’
    Emma earlier in the video: ‘I’ve been cooking for myself everyday recently !’

  15. Sakura Yt says:

    My future child: mom, how did you learn to cook?
    Me: *I watched Emma Chamberlain.*

  16. Sadie Grace says:

    Why did you give me Sikowitz vibes when you started drinking out of the coconut

  17. Kuinston Ozzy says:

    2:56 emma : i wanna have a drink
    me : definitely caffeine
    **emma brings out a whole coconut**
    okay wow really healthy babe

  18. Samantha Quijano says:

    Emma: “cooking a healthy dinner”.
    Also Emma: eating healthy chips.

    You’re really an adult now..

  19. Sascha Oschmann says:

    When she was pouring in the oil it gave me ‘and 2 shots of vodka’ vibes

  20. fabi gummies says:

    iT my BIRTHDAY love you so much Emma ❤️? and u and me are the only people who like brussel sprouts

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