Coronavirus: Italy extends strict measures to whole country – BBC News

Coronavirus: Italy extends strict measures to whole country – BBC News

Italy is extending its coronavirus quarantine measures, which include a ban on public gatherings, to the entire country. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that people would only be permitted to travel for work or family emergencies. He said the measures, which come into effect on Tuesday, were to defend the most fragile members of society. The decision follows a large increase in Italy’s coronavirus death toll – which jumped by 97 to 463. It is the worst-hit country in the world after China.

In the United Kingdom, people who show “even minor” signs of respiratory tract infections or a fever will soon be told to self-isolate in an effort to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK government’s chief medical adviser Chris Whitty said a change in advice could happen in the next two weeks. Five people have now died from coronavirus in the UK.

As the international community struggles to contain the spread of coronavirus, the World Health Organisation has praised China for its response and suggested it offers a model for others to follow. But inside China there’s anger over the way the authorities have handled the outbreak, with censorship being stepped up, which is the very approach that experts say helped to accelerate the spread in the first place.

Presented by Huw Edwards, and reporting from Health Editor Hugh Pym, Italy Correspondent Mark Lowen, Sports Editor Dan Roan and China Correspondent John Sudworth.

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72 Responses

  1. Robin Thompson says:

    I’m self quarantining to avoid exposure.

  2. UnUtente DiYoutube says:

    I’m Italian and where I live there is the army who makes penalties for whoever goes outside without a reason.
    Very anxious.

    • Tim Sharpe says:

      What they going to do arrest you or shoot you ? If this happens in the UK . They are welcome to do so with me. With my health conditions I’m already often super isolated 😔

    • learn law says:

      日月天 Why should China pay anything? The virus was created by CIA to disrupt Chinese economy

    • houlai li says:

      don’t go anywhere , if you carry a virus go out,the government will isolate hundreds of people related to you.the incubation period of the virus is two weeks or more,and among this time,you can get others infected.

    • Matthew Ko says:

      @Banana Farmer the fuck do u mean china is the only safe land in the world when people r still dying there everyday 😂

    • Matro says:

      That really sounds like martial law.

  3. Morris Luswata says:

    This is so sad. My prayers go out to y’all

  4. Mommy Dolly says:

    Italy strong 🇮🇹💪🙏

  5. 2Bor Not2B says:

    Reminds me of the scene from Contagion where a government official said: “We need to make sure nobody knows until everybody knows.”

    • Maine Prophetic says:

      lolol!!! SMH RIGHT!

    • sb says:

      LMFAO! Oh yeah because quoting a fictitious movie is so helpful 🤭 Smh people are so strange.

    • Tarleah Jade says:

      I said the same thing. It’s like the movie Contagion. Shocking. Shouldn’t of got to this. At all. It’s uncontanable. We will soon be in a recession. Such a shame

    • Tarleah Jade says:

      @Alicia Woodson how true. Shouldn’t of got to this. Not at all. My Dr said today the whole world will get a it. Not good. We are in for a recession. The world is.

  6. Elias Zerrouki says:

    We in the west always react when it is too late!

  7. Living A Life Of Abundance says:

    I did not know being an introvert will start to pay off

  8. bluuoff says:

    Italy has followed the method used by China lockdown..

  9. Azalea 1975 says:

    They’re still not classifying this as a Pandemic.. I mean what does the death toll have to be.. Like really!!!! It’s global already…😣

    • Having Good Ones says:

      @mihir shah OMG please stop saying the word boomer you sound like the dumbest sheep in the paddock.

    • CAUTIOUS1 says:

      One thing to keep in mind Azalea. This last flu season in the US alone regular flu killed 12,000. How many has Corona killed world wide so far? In 2017 world wide the number of children 5 yrs and under killed by pneumonia was 808, 674. That’s 67,000 each month. Curios they didn’t make such a big deal out of it. This is a planned attack that is being hyped in media to scare people for control of people.

    • B the Change says:

      mihir shah having studied epidemiology etc, I’m calling you out.
      The threat of pandemic is looming.
      You’ve taken liberty to define pandemic your own way🙄
      I’ve never heard the parameters you’ve stated before. Pandemic certainly DOES NOT mean quarantines would be lifted.
      I’m a medical professional and you have a lot of learning.
      Maybe learn before you speak out of turn. Arrogance and ignorance combined can be a fatal combo. Stop

    • Liam O’Neil says:

      They want until the end of March… there’s some kind of pandemic fund, that if they declare before a certain date in March investors lose something like $425 million

    • Whistle Blower says:


  10. myrtepal1 says:

    Bravo for Italy!
    Well done.

  11. BluePanther3000 says:

    Reactive as opposed to proactive: playing catch-up, as most governments have done.
    Should have done this earlier.

    • B the Change says:

      BluePanther3000 and there you’ve just described most of humankind history. Lacking awareness, not connecting dots, lacking foresight…. so many issues can be prevented if people actually pay attention, listen, anticipate problems and effectively come to solutions, which are good for the majority.
      Instead, people are blind, in denial…wait and then panic…and at that point, the problem solving and clean up is often in myopic panic mode, not as effective.

      When will most humans learn? History says it’s how humans are 🙄😬

  12. Diamond Adanova says:

    so pity..We must pray for all the World. I think everything will be okay.😢

  13. Zoonjse says:

    Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with more historic sight than your neighbor knows. Rome alone has thousands. Im happy to have been there with family last summer. Im Praying for Italy. I love Italy. Iceland will stand with you to the fullest! Keep strong Italy.

    • Zoonjse says:

      It seems you dont know what the word hypocrite means.Itsl like I bash people for eating meat while I down a steak a week. Anyway, of course I feel for anyone I just happened to be in Italy last year and have family there. I don’t know what your point is any way where u from? and what is your problem ?

    • Marco says:

      @Zoonjse me?

    • Zoonjse says:

      @Marco no. The other one. The negative person with issues.

    • ProBrickFilms says:

      Gsix Zes maybe a cause italy is really the only one right now trying to contain it in their country while in the USA politicians are having rallies asking people to pretty much get it.

    • Marco says:

      @Zoonjse who ?

  14. caítlin forester says:

    normal sick people: stays at home and rests
    coronavirus victims: *deliberately goes on a world tour*

    • Ria V says:

      @Tracy D true. But in my state an apparently healthy family (Indian origin) came from Italy and they did not inform in the immigration counter that they were coming from Italy. They did not meet with the health desk set up by the state government at the airport. And everyone coming from abroad were advised to 14 days of self quarantine. They ignored this and went to their relatives houses. In the end they infected two people. Only when the infected relatives went to hospital they came to know that they had corona. The first family had to be forced into quarantine by government officials and police. Can you imagine such kind of irresponsible behaviour.

    • Turrican60 says:

      I’ve already read that in several articles on the internet. Seems you know how to copy & paste. Congratulations.

    • sb says:

      @Kay p LMFAO! There we go blaming rich again! 🤔 The only problem with that is the virus doesn’t know who is rich and who is poor. Wash your damn hands! And take a bath more then twice a month and you’ll live😂

    • Kay p says:

      sb do me a favour and watch attentively … the virus was started by a rich minority! Who want to eat exotic crap …

    • cutui larisa says:

      @Roman Sidiropoulos shush you 🤦😂🙈 I’m on the edge of crying… My family is in Italy 😢and yet your comment make me laugh ffs

  15. TY says:

    Italy has a 5% death rate. Everybody should start wearing masks or just stay at home.

    • B the Change says:

      Anonymous so I’m a medical professional and just had a chat with our infectious disease specialist. A mask will not offer much protection. Many people don’t know how to wear masks properly. They are also ineffective masks, as most don’t have the higher level ones to filter out viruses appropriately.
      When we are fit for TB masks, we have to go through a process and that’s not even 100%.

      Additionally, most lay people would get the virus from handling the mask inappropriately after exposure anyways 🙄
      They haven’t been trained in PPE.
      The infectious disease specialist says staying away from crowds, standard precautions (hand washing, coughing in elbow, not touching eyes/nose/mouth) should be way more helpful than mask usage. He suggests masks for infected people for containment, to prevent spread of their infected droplets.
      You quit spouting off yourself.
      I worked PCU/ICU and am currently studying immunology, epigenetics & the microbiome. What are your credentials?

    • B the Change says:

      Huan Liu then they aren’t spreading it through cough at that point, but likely through touch. Like they touch their mouth and then a door knob..then and unsuspecting person touches that and touches their mouth…and that’s all you need.

    • B the Change says:

      Huan Liu proven effective for what? Being the source? Come on.
      Where did this and SARS originate? It’s far more effective to prevent than have the catch up act of trying to contain a spreading epidemic…

    • Neutron Pixie says:

      To have a 5% death rate (or any death rate for that matter) means nothing. To have an accurate count, every single person in the entire country (or world) would need to be tested. Considering 80% of the people only get a mild fever for about 12 hours, there’s probably thousands of thousands more with it that aren’t added to the total count because they haven’t reached out for medical help. If you were to say a 5% death rate for people over 90, then I may agree with you, but that’s pretty much how nature has worked throughout human history anyway. Besides, any time the news spouts off the number of people that has gotten it, they keep failing to mention that 3/4 people have already been treated am deemed clear. The more people watching, the more ad revenue made. Fear is big business.

    • Lucas Yelland says:

      Jack Bohannon they don’t protect health workers from getting it; they prevent health workers giving their patients other viruses that will create further complications. Besides, health workers spend a lot more time with the sick, so that little protection is still much more important for them.

  16. Yiying Gao says:

    We pray for Italy from China.㊗️

  17. Stephen H says:

    Oh dear.. Hope you guys get through this crisis safely. Stay strong and god bless Italy.
    Much love from S Korea

  18. KC Court says:

    “La-BORATORYYYY”…..Who else immediately thought of how cool it was when Dexter would say it….ahhhh swoon….when cartoons were life ❤️

  19. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank says:

    🇪🇺🇬🇧Rest of Europe should follow Italy and get this pandemic under control testing everybody, like china did

  20. vjab1108 says:

    BUY Toilet ROLLs that is the Cure, well according to a lot of people.

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