Coronavirus Outbreak: The Worst Is ‘Ahead for Us,’ Says Fauci

Coronavirus Outbreak: The Worst Is ‘Ahead for Us,’ Says Fauci

Mar.15 — Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks about the efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus. He speaks at a press conference at the White House.

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78 Responses

  1. Old World says:

    The world knew since December, only now do they decide it’s time.

    • Brian Kilbane says:

      Brian Fergel The world can’t handle the truth of what they keep from us. This is why there’s secrets.

    • truthtrekker says:

      @Brian Kilbane *Once you can figured out that Nature created the hermaphrodites first, the rest of the Bible story fits together perfectly. It would also make a lot more sense to create one human with both sexes and one mouth to feed, than to create two people with one sex each. The one sex humans came later, and the person who figured out how to do it, called herself god. The reason the religious use the phallic symbol is because A’belle, who would be known in the bible as Abel, cut off the unrelated hermaphrodite Cain’s penis for having sex with and impregnating their daughter A’dam, whose name means a lady.*

    • KAY-09 Gaming says:

      Yeah so? Did you cared about this virus at that time? How can a government quarantine and close public areas and start taking action when people don’t even know the threat? You people will bash the government for disrupting freedom of citizens if they did that. There are still people thinking this is not a big deal but soon after those people lost someone they know, they will switch tones and bash the government for not taking measures.

    • The25Sister says:

      This is their last weapon to humanity, after this they have nothing left to kill us. Then judgement will come, they will reap what they have sown.

    • LPTV says:

      In December when we tried to warn of this, what were they doing? Where y’all been?

  2. Zach B says:

    This guy is Jerry, white hair-do is Tom … I swear to god

  3. professional insultant says:

    It’s funny how they tell us to “social distance “..yet they all rub shoulders together

  4. Jessie Mommy says:

    Listening to the news last night they said so and so players was positive and so and so players tested negative…..How is it that they got tested sooooo fast with no symptoms. Even the ones that tested positive they said they felt no symptoms. How is it that with no symptoms they got tested??? Why is there People crying on the news saying “I have a fever I am getting worse.” And I believe she said the DR. Won’t test because she don’t meet criteria. Why are they putting criteria on if it looks like they pick and choose. Bottom line is if you don’t have the money and you are a nobody you will not get tested unless you are really sick and you can’t breath. No one should have to wait that long and suffer through that. No one.

    Again why are NBA players and College basketball players being tested if they don’t have symptoms????? Anyone help me understand?

    • Tasha says:

      The Jazz players were tested because one of them had it and they share locker rooms and play together and everything else.

    • cyberash3000 says:

      @Tasha they have to stop giving each other soapy hand jobs and good bummings

    • truthtrekker says:

      @cyberash3000 *We are all born with eternal life. We surrender our birthright of eternal life by believing in god. One must form a pact with god. The pact is simple. If you worship god, you will die and you will go to god in heaven. This is what is agreed to. Nobody said you had to die except your god. By believing in god, you agree to die in exchange for your worshiping **god.You** receive absolutely nothing out of the deal but death. God knows you will die if you worship her because god is the devil. The result of any form of worship has always been death. All who worship live in the valley of the shadow of death because they have agreed to die for what they believe in. god, who is the devil. Astonishingly, once again, the followers of god have made you to believe in something that cannot be seen, while they convince you that Chemtrail planes spraying you everyday, do not exist. All the religious order has ever done in this life is convince people to die and go back inside of the Sun in a way that that they look forward to the trip.*

    • Lehnsherr Eric says:

      Capitalism, not surprised at all.

    • cyberash3000 says:

      @truthtrekker sorry im an athiest, i dont do chrisitianity cos im not a dirty peadophile.

  5. Boyd Otero says:

    Oh great.we have a “snake oil salesman” in the comment section!

  6. young forever says:

    My full time job cut my hours, my part time is dead and now I’m scare of not being able to pay my bills, how do I suppose to pay my bills if there is no work?

    • Black beast E550 says:

      You should have money saved

    • justin eastman says:

      What can money get you if it becomes worthless

    • justin eastman says:

      @Black beast E550 money may better used for toilet paper when theres no value. The little material in a penny will be of more value then paper

    • truthtrekker says:


    • THOT Patrol says:


  7. Antee Matter says:

    If we get sick we can all make sick humor together in the comments 👍 I find most viruses dont like laughter – or weed.

  8. Tymel Thompson says:

    *Laughs in introvert*

  9. Terry T says:

    All they were doing since December until now was talk…this virus had absolutely every door open to spread, it did and now we are scrambling to find solutions when it would have been much easier to have it contained at its starting point!!!!

    • wiEr Dooo says:

      @Jiawen Huang That would be a different case of pointing fingers. Regardless of others, a group of people in Wuhan held a celebration in the midst of a growing mystery illness and spread fast for a national lockdown to contain it.

      Blaming for incompetence on US and Chinese government on this crisis is okay but WHO wouldn’t be having a report on a new strand if the wet market was permanently shut down years back after a similar event today.

    • MastoorA Beauty Products MA says:

      Meanwhile morocco does this…
      A 3rd world country has done better !

    • SeedPlanter says:

      What? The flu? All of a sudden were following around the flu? We could of done this every year so why now?

    • SeedPlanter says:

      @Tiktok compilations Your infected if you get the vaccine.. so fear the vaccine not the virus.

    • BigBeardRedguy1975 says:

      @wiEr Dooo you stupid little sheep thinking this is from china.. lol,get your head out of your ass and wake the fuck up. .Agenda 21 is in full effect “Elimination of Population” ..

  10. Azrathen says:

    If people decides to riot please do it by destroying government facilities and not our own neighborhoods I’ve seen enough movies to know where this is going…..

  11. Cyphruss says:

    Would you like some marshal law to go with that lime in your corona, Virus?

  12. Paperchica says:

    I love how Bloomberg wants to make an emphasis on the last thing fauci said just to make it more dramatic

  13. Griffin Kelly says:

    I’m bugging out, everything is going to be an outbreak.

  14. Jesse M says:

    They are out of TWINKIES too!!!

  15. Ewolf5150 says:

    Get this man a step stool!

  16. Maggie Zhu says:

    What happen you have nearly 1 and half month to prepare since CHINA shut down whole country?
    Who waste the precious time? 😤

    • Jack Sparrow says:

      DEATH PENALTY BY HANGING FOR WORLD POLITICIANS. China shut down the whole country but politicians didn’t ban flights to China then. Greedy airlines and world politicians are responsible for spreading the virus around the world.

    • Lehnsherr Eric says:


  17. Music Calgary says:

    Why is he rubbing his hands all over that podium?

  18. Ella Roberts says:

    I wish good health to everyone, it was a stressful weekend or week for some of us, but there is always a beautiful tomorrow ♥️

  19. Richard English says:

    WE’RE FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP are 9 of the most frighting words in the English language according to Ronald Reagan

  20. Die Ottakringer Genderer says:

    8 people standing as close as possible together… social distance looks different!

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