Coronavirus update: Spain rushes to build hospitals as cases surge | DW News

Coronavirus update: Spain rushes to build hospitals as cases surge | DW News

Spain is racing to construct temporary hospitals to care for more patients fighting a battle against COVID-19. The country now has the fourth highest number of coronavirus infections. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says “the worst is yet to come.”


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87 Responses

  1. Peter Solar channel says:

    What part don’t you understand? Stay at home and for once in your life think about the others.

    • Shannon T says:

      Invesigator 2 Just no! We are well aware this is a dangerous pandemic that was played down by officials for too long and we are paying for it.

    • Ann-Marie Paliukenas says:

      @Denise G- Hill sounds beautiful

    • Jh5578 says:

      Animal husbandry is responsible for the Covid-19, cold, flu, mers, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, Spanish flu, measles, smallpox the list goes on. When will meat eaters understand that their eating animals spreads disease and pandemics?

    • Awaken The Greatness Within says:

      People in England do not understand that for some reason

    • Vintage Soup says:

      18 year old died today. Not, JUST, just? Over 70’s are seriously effected by this. How many orphans will there be? Please stay home.

  2. Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel says:

    Whoever is reading now is a time to love and forgive those that hurt you even if they dont deserve it. Lets stand in unity

    • Mahogany Blue says:

      @DEEPTHI KUMARI Religion is pagan worship. The Bible is a book of Laws, Statues, and Judgements! Explain VENGEANCE is mines, saith the Lord!
      FYI…Sin in the Bible is described as Transgression of the Law. Go kick Rocks.

    • Mahogany Blue says:

      @Xad Kile “incapable of delivery vengeance to those that harmed you.“ Listen dude…Got is Got! If i Live to WITNESS the VENGEANCE on those that harmed me, I will rejoice… its all good in my book!

    • DEEPTHI KUMARI says:

      @Mahogany Blue a.k.a blind believer in religion….

    • Devin Peirce says:

      Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel nah I wish coronavirus to those who have hurt me

    • Aurora James says:

      I am caught in the middle. Spanish people were so racist towards me. Its hard for me to care. I almost want them to suffer more.. I’m working on it.

  3. C Clarry says:

    I appreciate the reporting. Having video from many other countries around the world struggling with Covid-19 gives me a better picture of what’s to come in Canada. Strength and health to the frontline workers and people of Spain!

    • Antonio Casedi says:


    • thewewguy8t88 says:

      canada is also facing its own situation right now.

    • C Clarry says:

      @thewewguy8t88 most have no clue in Canada what they are about to face. I blame the Gov and media on that

    • Rose Stewart says:

      The bridge to PEI is closing. I’m in Nova Scotia hoping they lock the country down. They need it soon or our food supply is going to be impacted for a year.

      I can’t get over the fact that what we’re seeing in Italy and Spain is what Ottawa wished on us with their “science based approach”

    • C Clarry says:

      @Rose Stewart I remember the first Toronto and Canada health live broadcasts at the start. The officials and experts were so uneducated on information that was available.

  4. Everquest Sales says:

    I cannot even get my wife to wash her hands when she comes home from being out and about with out starting a fight. Some people just do not want to hear it and wont until they are choking for air.

    • zedeighty says:

      My housemate kept inviting her boyfriend over to our house even though both of us are sick with Covid-19 like symptoms. She thinks because he recovered from the flu that it’s safe because he’s “already had it”. But we can’t know that without testing because the symptoms are so similar.

      It’s caused a huge fight and we’re not even talking anymore. Some people just don’t get how serious this is. I’m in the UK and can see Spain and Italy as our future if we don’t all act fast to stop this.

    • Amir says:

      I got the same situation…..

    • Rebecca Bud says:

      Avoidance… ppl are in Denial
      Fear. Its a coping technique that def does not work, sadly.

    • 王五 says:


    • Tyler Harrington says:

      Tell your wife to lock herself in the closet we don’t want her stupidity to infect us

  5. vashantir says:

    That’s’ as professional as you can get at this time. Take your kids to work is the new thing.

  6. Taunya W says:

    I love that his kids are there….totally shows what it is like working from home! keep on reporting!!!

  7. Vigilant Guardian says:

    the kids are at his feet during interview,,, it is what we are suppose to learn is  time with family and home is where we are belonging to be….. a  break from the norm is sometimes what informs us best… lets come out of this as a better family friend or day at a time,,. that is all we ever get..

  8. Divine John says:

    Let’s just believe that one day, …this will be a gone story…and 🙏I pray for all the spainsh you all will recover in less than no Time…

  9. Pop N Truth says:

    A real hero is anyone who helps another.

    • hardy splash says:

      Real heros wear capes

    • Finlay Mackenzie says:

      What a nice comment mate

    • Violin Ivanoff says:

      Russia and China helped Italy. Where is the EU, all other European countries when they’re needed, hm?

    • Jh5578 says:

      This virus comes from animal use, animal eaters caused this. Animal husbandry is responsible for the cold, flu, mers, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, HIV, measles, smallpox the list goes on. All meat eaters should take responsibility, eating animals will only bring more disease.

  10. dave Hyde says:

    We all owe a depth of gratitude to hospital staff everywhere…God keep each and everyone of you safe.. thank you all

  11. Crusty Cobs says:

    Good luck Spain, from Portugal. Bless the Volunteers, and the Healthcare people on the front line.

  12. NuxVom says:

    Cheers ti the medical staff, emergency workers and those who are taking care of vulnerable pets.

  13. EKspeed says:

    That’s a nice thing they did for the animals. Well done Spain.

    • willow unleash says:

      Sadly their is a chance that the owner is dying permanently.

    • Mgtowski says:


    • Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo says:

      @BLADE You mean like how Spain still practices Bullfighting, and historically carried out Bear-baiting, Fox Tossing, and Goose Pulling?!

    • I know you better says:

      Grand Admiral Mitth’raw’nuruodo it’s just one animal

      it’s better then eating bats
      and spreading disease

    • Jh5578 says:

      The new carnist virus is messing everything up. Animal husbandry is responsible for the cold, flu, mers, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, HIV, measles, smallpox the list goes on. What will meat eaters breed for everyone next?

  14. Dee Pat says:

    The kids in the background brought so much of hope through such a grim news report.😀

  15. nora jim says:

    Was in Madrid exactly a year ago next week…such a nice city with friendly people. Take care Madrid, praying for you.

    Loads of love from Malaysia.

  16. Sharnie Gujjar says:

    The relief on his face at the end of the interview was cute!

  17. Declan Kearns says:

    He wears the biggest smile when talking about his son. So lovely. ❤️

  18. Johana E. EJ says:

    Love the kids sounds in the back… we are all humans… we are all going through this together!! Keep reporting, we appreciate you! 💪🏽

  19. Acacius says:

    Great reporter. Eventhough his kid was literally distracting him he stayed and did his job. Job well done man. We loved this reporting.

  20. Dhivya Sengan says:

    As the world unites against COVID19, let God bless us all with lots and lots of divine love, light, power and healing 💜

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