Corporate Consolidation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Corporate Consolidation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Big businesses are getting even bigger thanks to a rise in corporate mergers. John Oliver explains why that could make you want to physically destroy your cable box.

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20 Responses

  1. Kartik Soni says:

    I’m glad they touched on glasses and luxotica. There are actually other companies where you put in your “numbers” and a few extra parameters, and they can make your glasses for $7! But to counteract this, luxotica started taking those key number out of eye exams so you couldn’t do that. One main one they removed is called “Pupilary distance” or the distance between your pupils. I know of a company that sold glasses cheap called Zennioptical that circumvented this by letting you print out a pap that you hold to your face to measure it by your self! Once i hear about this i died from how easy it was to stop what Luxotica was trying to do.

  2. Tropical Jupiter says:

    The multifart

  3. andy garcia says:

    i’m still surprised he didn’t mention the fact that disney owns a shit ton of other companies, but this video was excellent!

  4. Why? Because. says:

    It’s almost like…
    Bernie is right and would have won

  5. Benjamin Ellerd says:

    My roommate uses the phrase ‘finger blast.’ I’ll have to buy him some Oakley’s for his birthday ha.

  6. MegaDove says:

    lol we have anti consumerist laws…but as always our government “watch dogs” are eating yummy corporate lobbyist bones. Remember the mortgage crisis of 2008…our watchdog agencies don’t. “banks too big to fail…small banks..let them fail.

    OH and if you think its just republicans to blame…ROFL..dems are talking about doubling down on single payer health care…great …so i get tops 4 consumer choices…3 car insurance choices…1 health care insurance choice. GG capitalism…the 50’s must have been a nice time. Social issues ignored obviously…name a small business that went big…in an established market….

  7. Bosun Fynes says:

    That moment when one religion really turned out to be the right one, and it’s the feckin’ Hare Krishnas.

  8. I am 5:AM says:

    Sooo glad I saw this. The TW, now Spectrum, guy is going through my neighborhood door to door if his info the other day was correct. Can’t wait to tell him to watch this clip and then shut the door in his face.

  9. Raphael says:

    Imagine having a product thats so hated, blowing it up on TV receives cheers and applause, and showing it slow motion gets it even more cheers and applause

  10. Tim stevens says:

    A 15 minute video on corporate consolidation, but you can talk for 22 minutes on Alex Jones. And god damnit man, start to give solutions to the problems you present! This is a big fuckin issue man, please try harder.

  11. Ste fan says:

    12:28 Michael Bay is proud of you!

  12. Scheefinator says:

    I don’t think mergers should be allowed at all if there is not enough competition in the area.

  13. BubblegumShallow says:

    Blah Blah Blah
    Ha Ha Ha
    but not a damn thing changes – Pointless.

  14. jak smith says:

    No Trump No evil Republicans , just a good, funny video with Bi partisan politics. Good on you Oliver.

  15. VlaDDrakkeN says:

    Of course this crap happened. Socialists and others alike warned it would happen and no one listened, cause its better to be ruled by the rich noble class that has ruled for thousands of years than it is to try something new. The inevitability of capitalism is for companies to merge and become bigger and bigger. When everything has monetary worth, it stands to reason that inevitably, the ones with the most money can and will buy out others to grow bigger, or in what usually happens, to ensure the elimination of competition.

    How is this “free” market? And don’t give me this “Well free market will destroy it” crap, because the Free Market and Capitalism CREATED this problem.

  16. panta hernandez says:

    It is amazing how putting those simple facts togheter we can see the whole picture…very dangerous future, to be owned by companies

  17. BlueDreamKush23 says:

    Anyone else find it suspicious that this video isn’t trending? I guess it has something to do with the topic of the video but I could be wrong.

  18. Oscar Martinpelto says:

    Merger monday? At last we have one, and I say…

  19. Dstrelts says:

    I just don’t see that happening under this administration. Trump is as pro big business as they come. I wonder how many small businesses have gone under trying to sue him for failing to pay them.

  20. chbrules says:

    This channel is cancer of the rectum. Blame big businesses and only big businesses because the government enables rent-seeking for their benefit.

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