Couples Take A Love Compatibility Test For Valentine’s Day (React)

Couples Take A Love Compatibility Test For Valentine’s Day (React)
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Couples take the Enneagram Institute Compatibility Test!

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Reactors Featured:
Austin + Dianna
Jonathan + Taylor
Kennedy + Erik
Madison + Caden


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Couples Take A Love Compatibility Test For
Valentine’s Day (React)

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24 Responses

  1. Shajuan LaChey says:

    Awww snaps Troy and Jillian. All of them are cute together ???

  2. Talia Terrell says:

    *Go To My Youtube Page i have top option about fortnite.*

  3. Joseph Martínez says:

    “I like him” “Maddie marry him” -Eric’s words to Caden on the vlog, love it ❤️

  4. Joseph Martínez says:

    Troy and Jillian are so cute!!!

  5. Joseph Martínez says:

    In love with the couple that count down to see their results ???, Maddie and Caden are so lovely!!! Beat the 7×7!!!

  6. Mimi Yee says:

    Omg! I didn’t know Troy and Jillian are dating! ☺️ So cute ❤️

  7. Joseph Martínez says:

    Austin and Dianna they been together a long time!!!, and they have the same result is even cuter

  8. Heidi says:

    I thought labib and mikeala would be there too , even as friends ?

  9. Marco Ippoliti says:

    Never in a hundred billion years would I have imagined that Troy and Jillian were a couple, I’m so happy for them?

  10. Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark says:

    Ain’t surprised Troy and Jillian are dating. With all the beautiful people on these react videos, It’s was only a matter of time till some of them found that connection started dating each other

  11. n ziom says:

    React to Algerian food

  12. A’erial Hardaway says:

    Omg never knew Troy & Jillian were together

  13. Dawson Ting says:

    Please react to in2it songs

  14. Sylvy- Skits says:

    React to Just Shapes and Beats!

  15. Sidney Anne Rutherford says:

    Troy and Jillian are so cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  16. LiZzy Playz says:

    When you’re single and just watching this thinking about your single life

  17. I_Am_Steven says:

    This was so cute! Never knew Troy and Jillian were a couple, makes it more adorable! Happy early Valentine’s Day!

  18. Sarcastic-kitten 1 says:

    Teens react to ‘Twit’ by Hwasa from Mamamoo

  19. John Christian says:

    Wait, wha? Troy and Jillian are together?! Wha?

  20. Abby Hilde says:

    Madison and Caden literally look like Barbie and Ken lol


    Troy and Jillian are soo cute !!! Who else were surprised about them? Hahahaha

  22. Gamer Kids says:

    WHAT!?!?! I had always wondered if two reactors were in a relationship. I guess I found out my answer.

  23. Agus Chiribao says:

    troy and jillian, didn´t expect this

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