Cowboys vs. Rams Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

Cowboys vs. Rams Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2018 Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Los Angeles Rams during Divisional Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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83 Responses

  1. Thunder- Cha says:

    Cowboys are too overhype . I can finally stop hearing so many cowboy fans saying they going to the SB . Like they actually thought they were going to win lol

    • Deon Gray says:

      It won’t suppose to be that close if he would have caught that pick 6 dak threw?

    • PsychoBomb100 0 says:

      Tommy Davis they still beat you tho lmao??

    • Jason Jones says:

      Thunder- Cha yep I agree with you bro I even have a friend of mine who’s a huge Cowboys fan and no matter what every time they lose, he calls me and starts whining and complaining

    • tor sir says:

      Cowboys will get a SB win when Jerry Jones and the Clapper is gone.

    • flossbee says:

      +Tommy Davis Don’t forget the Rams dropped two picks. One a definite pick 6. So yeah this game could’ve gotten ugly just as much as it could’ve been a closer game.

  2. Big John Boatright says:

    I can’t wait to see Stephen A. Smith clown Dallas’s fan base on First Take tomorrow! ???

  3. Hustla Jones Tarot says:

    The Cowboys Defense picked the playoffs to forget how to play. They were so called a great unit without Sean Lee but for some reason forgot when they play him they loose or play bad. I hate the Cowgirls but damn how dumb can you be. Just watch the plays he’s in the game it’s hilarious he’s washed up and kills the chemistry when’s he’s on the field. The rams got off yes but the cowgirls beat themselves last night especially on Defense, they didn’t show up at all they still in the regular season while the offense caught the plan to the playoffs ???? the cowgirls do what they do best, get their fans hopes high for nothing.

  4. Aflack Duck says:


  5. Basketball/ football Challenges says:

    Cowboys were talking about winning the super bowl lol

  6. Triple D III says:

    Dak had one lucky rookie season and now it’s back to reality

    • jsvm10301 says:

      +Old Mate a bottom 10 qb? With the 2nd most wins and the most 4th quarter come backs since entering the league, 2 division titles, and 32 regular season wins in the 3 seasons? Dude, he is above average. He is on par with Phillip Rivers and Jimmy G. He can win and he is clutch.

    • Old Mate says:

      +jsvm10301 bro the cowboys have a top 3 defense, top 3 o line, top 3 rushing attack, that’s why they win. Dak and garrett are the reasons the cowboys aren’t the rams or saints. He lacks arm and accuracy, he holds on to the football for too long. Phil and jimmy are considerably better.

    • Garemy Jordan says:

      +Fbmajor 274

    • 14thabz says:

      @Triple D III; Dak didn’t give the Rams all of those rushing yards, his defense did. P.S.; stop trolling.

  7. MrEverydaytrollin says:

    Announcer says cowboys defense is going to win them game is the beginning and is silent the rest of the game the salt xD

  8. striderOO7 says:

    Its nothing personal to the cowboys but I’m glad they lost. Your fan base I cannot stand.

  9. Militia Entity Records says:

    #35 Anderson looking like Jerome Bettis #36 in his prime.

  10. Alec Ashby says:

    Cj Anderson had a great game

  11. RMRALPHYY says:

    LMAO Cowboy fans must be hella salty lmao they really thought they were gonna win

  12. adrian rose says:


  13. 21JulioJonesMahomes21 says:

    Gurley showing Zeke how to eat ??????

  14. Jayden says:

    Don’t press read more…

    Your favorite football team is cursed to uncurse it you must like this comment.

  15. Kirk Radeck says:

    I’m really a fan of neither team. I am more of a fan of some players in my old age. Why? If you root for a team you’re likely to be disappointed; I was a Vikings fan for too long as but one very depressing example. But I like watching Goff — terrific passer although he airmailed a couple last night — Aaron Donald — I think Donald is the best defensive player ever, yes, ever — Dak — good passer, excellent wheels, nice guy — Zeke — great back even though he was shut down last night — etc. anyways, I enjoyed the game and I’m happy for the Rams. They’re building a team the “right” way. But the Cowboys have nothing to be ashamed of. Dallas kept it close in a hostile environment against a very good team. I expect both teams in the NFC Championship next year. Bring out the popcorn as TO might say.

    • rgjmg070607 says:

      Kirk Radeck such a great outlook on pro sports , I’m the same way but still do root for the local teams (ny/nj) area ..respects to you sir ??✊??

    • Nick Klaus says:

      Thanks for this. I grew up a Dallas fan as that was the only team allowed on the tv in an Italian household, but ironically I live in Philadelphia. It really wasn’t till college and time spent in the fantasy football realm that I gave up on the single team focus. (Of course there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of a team) but I get more enjoyment finding a good group of guys that worked hard all season. That team this is the chiefs for me. They put on a clinic yesterday against the colts.

    • Jonathan Ledezma says:

      Thw point of sports to root for a team, and once you get dissapointed with your Team, you quit on them, that is sad.

    • rgjmg070607 says:

      Jonathan Ledezma the point of sports is entertainment, the point of participating may be a team concept but we have little to do with the teams on field success .. plus I refuse to stop liking a player just because I don’t like the team or city they play for.

  16. Rob Ward says:

    Best part of the game is when a rams player found a seat on the cowboys bench.?10:31

  17. Jeff Football says:

    The Dallas Cowboys need a better offensive coordinator who calls a lot of misdirection play actions plays. Daks a young qb in an old offense.

    • maria I says:

      +Big 12 Plays defense Dak is not the problem. he’s doing fine. Ask Steve Young how long it takes to learn QB in the NFL.

      How can every QB be like Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Ben ? (which is the standard you seem to be holding Dak to). He’s not the same type of QB as those guys but he doesn’t have to be. No doubt in my mind Jared Goff would have been considered a bust if Fisher was still his coach. many said same about Cam Newton then 2 yrs later he went to the Super Bowl

    • 14thabz says:

      +Big 12 Plays defense , so Dak was the reason why his defense gave up ?+ rush yards to both of the Rams RBs?????.

  18. cool name here says:

    Im not salty that the Rams won, (Cowboys fan btw), because the Rams played an amazing game behind CJ Anderson and it’s obvious that the better team won, but I hate all these ppl saying that the Cowboys fans are trash and that all of us have TRASHY PERSONALITES, like I hope that LA is teaching their kids that not everyone is the same. GGs anyways

    • Jim Berkau says:

      As much as I hate the cowboys, I give you credit. Detroit fan here. I just don’t like the owner may. Jonesee. Anyone disrespecting the flag, get out! You had a fan last night crying his eyes out with all kinds of name calling. But I think I hurt his feelings when I told him I wouldn’t lower myself to his level. Better luck next year. I know I’m dreaming. GO LIONS

    • The Originals says:

      cool name here tbh I hate the Cowboys because of the egotistical owner by the name of Jerry Jones, but not all fans are that bad.

    • Samu Figueroa says:

      It’s not the fans we hate it’s the owner the owners always overhyping the team always guarantee you guys in championship he’s gay he’s gone maybe you guys will win one but you guys are not America’s team never was never will be and this is an Eagles fan that lives in Boston

    • Karson Williams says:

      Jim Berkau I hate jerry Jones as a cowboys fan ?. We went to high school state championships at at&t stadium and tickets were like 30 bucks.

    • John Schudar says:

      Samu Figueroa please cite a source where Jerry Jones has guaranteed Cowboys in the championship.

      There’s info out there about him saying he’d write a big check. But wouldn’t trade his HOF spot for another one. He said he wanted the 3rd SB (5th for Dallas overall) that he asked God for his 3rd win and told him he’d never ask again and of course got his wish and hasn’t gotten another win since.

      He wants them to be there, says he’ll pay anything. Loves his team. Puts whatever money into it he can but when did he guarantee it in the 2000’s?

  19. Deluxe Nacs says:

    Funny how the cowboys made it farther than half the people that are hating teams @packer fans

  20. the red rebel says:

    Don’t press read more

    You now have *BAD* luck, like to undo

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