Cowboys vs. Texans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

Cowboys vs. Texans Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Houston Texans during Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season.

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81 Responses

  1. htxtexans 713 says:

    I know us Texans and cowboys dont like each other, but man that’s what you call a texas battle showdown. Both teams fought to the end. But for real they need to make Texans vs cowboys more often. Gg cowboys see you in 4yrs.

    • Ankle Breaker says:

      Why is every 4 years?

    • Patrick Lawrence says:

      +Ankle Breaker Because you only play each division once every 4 years.

    • Adam Clown says:

      Ankle Breaker We’re not on the same division, besides winner gets bragging rights for 4 years so that’s a plus.

    • bigdinlaca says:

      I don’t like the 4 yrs. We should go back to when the NFL had 3 divisions but make sure each division has an equal amount of teams. I believe there was an AFC Central that had 6 teams (Cle, Bal, Pit, Tenn, Jax, and Cincy). That would mean that the NFL needs to create teams. They were already talking about having teams in Hawaii, Mexico, London, Canada etc. Make it happen.

    • eggsandwich8885 says:

      The hate is really more one-sided hate towards the Cowboy’s less the Texans. I know I’ve lived in both cities.

  2. Green Hunt says:

    Skip Bayless Tomorrow: “If I had Sean Lee we would’ve won the Game.”

  3. Sleezhy says:

    Cowboys fan here GG Texans y’all played us hard wish we had a guy like Hokpkins on our team that guy is SICK.

  4. Sleezhy says:

    Deandre Hopkins looks like a madden character with those spin moves.

  5. Isaac Segoviano says:

    Astros, Rockets and Texans… damn it was good weekend… Go houstone….

  6. Mike Johnson says:

    Everything is either brilliant or outstanding to Collinsworth lol

  7. Young Bruce says:

    the hits watson gets is worrying me now he nevergot leveled like this last year

    • stebo5562 says:

      Young Bruce
      He was putting is body on the line trying to get touchdowns

    • Brandon R says:

      I swear to god if the texans dont fix the o line watson is going to get hurt! I hate seeing him get hit like that..

    • therealthreadkilla says:

      Young Bruce,

      If he keeps doing that he’s not going to make it for the whole season. He’s trying to push it IMHO and it’s going to cost him, eventually

    • JustJay 0312 says:

      He’s not afraid to take a chance and do what it takes, getting hit is part of the game

    • Tyler Fernbach says:

      We have no O line, if we had that we would be golden but O’Brien continues to overlook one of the most important pieces of our offense SMH πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  8. Corey Robertson says:

    Bruh why did we punt on 4th and 1 seriously garrett needs to go

  9. South Texas Angler says:

    This was an exciting lone star showdown. I’m a Texans fan and this game meant everything to me. Texans went in and served some justice. Texan pride never dies!!!!!πŸ’ͺ🏈

  10. J. Bear. says:

    Here’s the think SKIIIIIP
    You know I was raised on a farm

  11. Daniel Alvarez says:

    Texans got the W but bill O’Brien pisses me off.

  12. Legend__ 21 says:

    Watson needs to stop taking all those unnecessary hits and just run out of bounds or just slide

  13. omar khan says:


  14. Nathan Keelin says:

    Lmao Hopkins was mashing that B buttonπŸ˜‚

  15. CodyHGaming says:

    All jokes about the Cowboys aside, that play by Dak at 10:03 was freakin’ incredible.

  16. Trump the Fraud Jr says:

    Somebody is Pressing B , on Hopkins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Gerardo Preciado says:

    So no ones gonna talk about how strong dak really is he avoided like 10 sacks this game. The cowboys problem is the coaching staff. The coordinators for some reason don’t do big plays they don’t pass at all they pick the wrong plays at the wrong time it’s honestly embarrassing as a cowboys fan

    • Levi Omeke says:

      Even though he was avoiding sacks, it doesn’t take away the fact that Dak Prescott was 18/29 CMP-ATT, 208 YDS, 62.1 CMP%, 1 TD, 2 INT, 41.1 QBR, and a 66.4 RAT and got completely outplayed by Deshaun Watson.

    • dre d says:

      Clowney has a habit of whiffing on sacks instead of wrapping them up.

  18. Davor Stjepic says:

    This was brutal. This should have been an easy win for Texans but retarded coach BOB with his play calling again nearly killed DeshaunπŸ˜‚. I have no idea what that guy has on owners that they keep him payroll

    • men of thunda says:

      Should’ve been easy game for both sides, an easier game for dallas to be quite frank but nah lol. The teams are great, just the head coaches are ass. Now, I dont know anything about Houstons problems, I’m assuming bill is ass. Offensive playcalling for the boys is terrible. Great defensive game.

    • Butter Man says:

      Easy wins for Texans….y’all idiot kept struggling in the red zone

    • Jake Shattuck says:

      4th & goal on the one with ten seconds left in the half? Yeah let’s go for it. If we can’t get 7, we deserve to lose.

      Oh an OT win? I’ll bet the idiot coach WON’T learn from his mistake since Dallas couldn’t make it hurt.

    • Slapping Socialists says:

      Shoulda been easy for Dallas. If we had any receivers at all, this is a blowout against Houston.

  19. John Michael says:

    Incredible game. Watson, Trubisky, and Mahomes are proving to be a great QB draft class.

    • Spice 0o0 says:

      Trubisky just needs more threats and that bears Offense will become a major juggernaut like KC that’s why Mahomes is having a field day on teams defenses πŸ˜‚ he has Kelce, Hill, Hunt, Watkins

    • nalim lattarai says:

      Spice 0o0 trubidky is also trash Mahomes is a gunslinger regardless of offense

    • flash012234 says:

      Watson has real high upside. Wished we traded up for him.

    • dre d says:

      +Spice 0o0 Trubisky is ass Patrick Mahommes is just a star in this league same thing I said last year when it came to Deshaun Watson 8 other Texans QBs had those same WRs Alex Smith for the Chiefs had those same WRs and TEs the problem is Trubisky isn’t good.

    • dre d says:

      +flash012234 I can’t believe how bad Paxton Lynch was he looked awful this is why I say you shouldn’t draft QBs because of measurables.

  20. Greatness Is earned says:

    Bill O’Brien needs to check his ego at the door and allow the Texans to hire an offensive coordinator . Tired of driving the length of the field but only coming up with field goals or him going for it on 4th down and coming away with nothing . Watson’s ability to extend plays is the thing that is saving them . It’s too late in the season now to find an O.C . Management needs to put their foot down in the off season and tell Bill that he is going to accept a new O.C or he will need to look for another job. The Texans are winning games in spite of him not because of him .

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