Crawling (One More Light Live) – Linkin Park

Crawling (One More Light Live) – Linkin Park

‘One More Light Live’ available everywhere December 15th. Pre-order the album now:

Edited by Mark Fiore.

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63 Responses

  1. Rahul Subedi says:

    My world us gone😒

  2. Ehtesham Shahzad says:

    Better than the original version IMO

  3. eec1112 says:

    does it come with rope for me too?

  4. Stefano Gabrieli says:

    Will It Be downloadable on Spotify?

  5. Stefano Gabrieli says:

    Sorry for my bad english

  6. Jordan 'Clowy' Clow says:

    This was at the O2 Arena.. I was there that night, this made me re-live this moment which I will never forget. Each day goes by with a piece of me gone, we miss you Chester! You’ll live forever in our hearts! Thank you to LP for getting me through tough times!

  7. Anibal Villarroel says:

    Me duele tu partida Chester B. Todos los dΓ­as escucho tus canciones y no exagero

  8. Schlogg says:


  9. UnPhayzable says:

    Rest in Piece Legend. I can’t stop crying.

  10. Diana VanDy says:

    From the bottom of my soul , I hope you are peaceful and painless wherever you are Ches.

  11. Jessie Eshak says:

    I feel like this version is so much more heartfelt. I love it. Rest In Peace Chester❀️❀️

  12. Ben Paul says:

    Damn boy…. The feels. This song brings back so many memories.

  13. lnwxay says:

    It’s nice the people were not fighting over getting close to him, they gave him the chance to perform, he hugged them, held them, looked at them even kissed that girl on her head, how could he be such a loving person that he forgot to love himself..

  14. eri love13 says:


  15. iKendo Nightcore says:

    I was 11 when i discovered Linkin park now i’m 15

  16. Lucas Castel :D says:

    Esto eriza la piel y trae muchos sentimientos. CΓ³mo te fuiste Chester, que talento y persona eras y serΓ‘s siempre.

  17. xRitz says:

    I’m be able to tell: “I was there”.

  18. Barry Allen says:

    I always keep you in the heart πŸ˜“

  19. Florian Pinterowitsch says:

    It makes me so angry when I see that all the people just taking their phones out and start to film Chester who sings in the crowd instead of just to listen to him

    • Teh Ribbons says:

      Florian Pinterowitsch Tbh why does it bug you so much? It’s not like they aren’t paying attention. Besides the fact that they could be recording the experience for someone who couldn’t come or to be able to look at it years later?

    • Florian Pinterowitsch says:

      Teh Ribbons because there are a lot of those who dont pay enough attention, cause of it

    • BellicIV says:

      Okay somebody recorded what you’re watching. The irony.

  20. Pedro Afonso says:

    I’m crying

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