Creating the $1.4 million TSA app

Creating the $1.4 million TSA app

The TSA spent at least $336,000 on an app that takes 10 minutes and about $10 of labor to build.

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20 Responses

  1. CreepsMcPasta says:

    $1.4 million spent sounds like the tax evasion scam of buying “custom
    license plates” for thousands. Someone is laughing their way to the bank
    right now

  2. Pete 1 says:

    Import random
    While tsa_has_money == True :
    Print ‘go to line ‘ +str(random.randint(0,2))

  3. batboyshark says:

    You should make videos or tutorials on how to make these type of things.
    I’d love to learn how to do stuff like this.

  4. Jordan Nicks says:

    of course they didn’t pay someone random to make it for them they payed
    their friends and buddies and shared the money together. It’s goddamn money

  5. jsssm says:

    Misleading title. Even in the comments it notes that it wasn’t 1.4

  6. vijaya sandeep k says:

    how does this app estimates the number of people waiting at TSA Officer to
    check the Passanger’s IDs, i am not sure how does the TSA app works but am
    thinking that, it may also linked to their “people Que” system to
    distribute the crowd equally to all the officers

  7. CubanExile says:

    C’mon you know that they had 150 meetings in different parts of the country
    just to discuss the kickoff and the colors to use.

  8. htjohntv2 says:

    As a software developer myself. You forgot the most important part.
    Security and other components of a software development life cycle. GG

  9. Zucker says:

    Can tsa lend me 0.005% of the money they used for my pc build

  10. Theodore Trilby says:

    Professional programmer here.

    I’m not sure if video is a joke, but you can’t honestly think people will
    believe someone will pay $1.4 M for this. I recently created a program that
    acts like a 14 year old Japanese girl who loves Pokemon, Spongebob, and
    anime. This is an improvement from the program I made last week that
    automatically uploaded any anime porn from Reddit to my personal computer.

    ~Theodore Trilby, Ph. D in atheism and stage 4 ultra atheist

  11. Roxas3310 says:

    And yet I’ll bet most of the people in the comment section are bernie
    sanders supporters who support turning every facet of life into
    organizations like the TSA. TSA is a government unit. Bernie wants the
    government to take care of everything. People don’t like the way the
    government works but wants it to take care of them…does not compute

  12. Krause says:

    Is it really that easy to develop android apps? Pretty shocking honestly. I
    need to get in on selling apps :)

  13. Justinoid says:

    Why do we pay these idiots? Defund the alphabet soup

  14. Justin Lynn says:

    Further proves that massive government operations will always be
    inefficient…. Give a person in the private sector the task and they will
    minimize cost drastically, which is obvious by this video.

  15. Matthew Closson says:

    To be fair the other $335,990 was probably spent on developer time
    installing updates in Android studio.

  16. Jaime Tejada says:

    Are you using linux on you computer?

  17. mvdiablo says:

    I don’t care.

  18. Justin Lynn says:

    Let’s let Bernie Sanders increase government spending!! He will waste our
    money just like the TSA has.

  19. NoPlaceForTheDead says:


  20. Jamar Jama says: