Crew-1 Mission | Return

Crew-1 Mission | Return

SpaceX and NASA are targeting Saturday, May 1 at 8:35 p.m. EDT, or 00:35 UTC on May 2, for Dragon to autonomously undock from the International Space Station (ISS) and splashdown off the coast of Florida on Sunday, May 2 at approximately 2:57 a.m. EDT, 6:57 UTC, completing its first six-month operational mission to the Station.

A series of departure burns will move Dragon away from the orbiting laboratory, followed by the vehicle jettisoning the trunk to reduce weight and mass to help save propellant for the deorbit burn. Once complete, Dragon will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and deploy its two drogue and four main parachutes in preparation for a soft water landing.

Aboard the spacecraft will be NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker, and JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi, who flew to the space station on Dragon six months ago when Falcon 9 launched the spacecraft from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sunday, November 15, 2020.

Upon splashdown, the Dragon and the astronauts will be quickly recovered and returned to Cape Canaveral and Houston respectively. Once the mission is complete, Dragon will be inspected and refurbished for future human spaceflight missions.

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45 Responses

  1. Starlight says:

    SpaceX – Nasa partnership never dissapointing. Great Mission, Welcome Back to Earth!

  2. Anand Choubey says:

    “thanks for flying Spacex” legit makes be believe it’s something from a video game

  3. Aditi Kumari says:

    25:05 separation from ISS
    1:05:55 going away
    6:42:56 parachute deployed
    6:43:45 another parachute deployed
    6:46:55 splashdown
    7:00:00 floating in water
    7:15:00 recovered on recovery vessel
    7:22:27 hatch opening and Astronaut thanking everyone
    7:23:25 hatch open visually
    7:32:36 Mike coming out
    7:34:57 second astronaut coming out( finished)

  4. Liam Robins says:

    Even though we didn’t get to see the whole egress, we have SN15 and a Starlink launch to look forward to this week!

  5. Moomin Papa says:

    Boeing be like : damn… we are so far behind, told you engineer CEOs are better than MBA CEOs

  6. johnfranks says:

    My dad and I saw it from his backyard during re-entry. Much more of a ballistic trajectory than I had imagined. It looked like a slow, shallow meteor. Double sonic booms like 5 minutes later. Awesome!

    • Igor Melekhine says:

      cool story

    • Greg Gaming says:

      damn you cna like makebuisness out of it.Say dad lets make our backyard money making thing.Gets osme of those beach chares do some small decorations and soe snacks and stuff and say hey its space limited so only 4/6 can enter nd like pop up 200-400$.I bet ya someone would deffinetly buy the seat 😛

    • HopelessNerd says:

      I’m extremely envious.

    • FooBar Maximus says:

      Yeah, it’s freaky for sure. It’s hard to imagine that anyone is in there. I’ve seen a couple of shuttles across Texas back in the day, and yeah – it looks more like a meteor than an aircraft. Damned awesome stuff.

  7. Lebohang Likole says:

    Working hours must be crazy for SpaceX workers during these missions

    • Nikola Tesla says:

      Exactly but I think if they work less and something terrible happens then they never can sleep

    • J F says:

      @Michael Anonymouseveryone needs to be compensated for their work in any industry but I truly believe these SpaceX employees have a burning passion/love for what they are accomplishing. I would like to believe they pursued SpaceX employment for reasons other than money. I’m not suggesting you were saying otherwise! I hope SpaceX has a future mission to make contact with O-Qua Tangin

    • ItsJLC says:

      I wanna go to space and die

    • mynameismatt2010 says:

      Astronauts don’t get paid as much as you think.

    • mynameismatt2010 says:

      I can guarantee you NOBODY is at SpaceX for the money. Lol, SpaceX makes a point of paying at least 30% below industry average for every position.

  8. Fc Barcelona says:

    21:30 start undocking from ISS
    25:06 start seperation
    30:49 departure burn 1
    1:14:37 video back on board the Crew-1 capsule
    1:18:40 departure burn 2
    2:05:35 departure burn 3
    5:14:00 series of keypoints: claw seperation, trunk seperation
    5:37:25 back with live coverage
    5:53:45 deorbit burn
    6:36:00 entering earth atmosphere
    6:42:58 drogue chute deploy
    6:43:45 parachutes deploy
    6:46:58 splashdown
    7:13:45 capsule lift
    7:23:25 hatch opened
    7:32:36 exit commander Michael Hopkins ( with a little dance 🕺)
    7:34:50 exit crewmember Victor Glover

    Unfortunately no images of Shannon and Soichi exiting. Let me know if I missed any key points 😁

  9. Me Me says:

    SpaceX you guys and girls are amazing. Progressing humanity like no-one else.

    • 510 FAITHFUL FOR LIFE says:

      This is truly a new age of space exploration!!!

    • Michael Anonymous says:

      And if you consider that this is the result of 10.000 peoples efforts … and we have got 7.883.000.000 of them!!! It makes me crazy to imagine where humanity could be, if we did not just concentrate on hating each other.

    • Robbbyg says:

      LOL if you like B grade movies

  10. CAR SHOPING says:

    I want to go there.

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