Crew-2 Mission | Launch

Crew-2 Mission | Launch

SpaceX and NASA are targeting Friday, April 23 for Falcon 9’s launch of Dragon’s second six-month operational crew mission (Crew-2) to the International Space Station (ISS) from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The instantaneous launch window opens at 5:49 a.m. EDT, 9:49 UTC, with a backup opportunity available on Monday, April 26 at 4:38 a.m. EDT, 8:38 UTC.

Following stage separation, Falcon 9’s first stage will land on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. On Saturday, April 24, at approximately 5:10 a.m. EDT, 9:10 UTC, Dragon is expected to autonomously dock with the International Space Station.

This is the first human spaceflight mission to fly astronauts on a flight-proven Falcon 9 and Dragon. The Falcon 9 first stage supporting this mission previously launched the Crew-1 mission in November 2020 and the Dragon spacecraft previously flew Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to and from the International Space Station during SpaceX’s Demo-2 mission in 2020.

The webcast will go live approximately 4 hours ahead of launch.

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43 Responses

  1. kworkshop says:

    SpaceX launches their 3rd crew to orbit, while Boeing still needs a successful uncrewed test.

    A prime example of how the insane speed of innovation at SpaceX will outrun any competition. Congrats SpaceX!

    • joscaca says:

      @InspiredByFire it’s how it’s done. Do you think NASA was just going to load astronauts into there without test flights?? Lol 😂

    • joscaca says:

      @imageisn0thing The Commercial Crew Program was the government’s idea. Obama to reduce costs. Some roots back to Bush. Bc Boeing and ULA kept billing NASA over and over amd getting nothing done. They had monopoly.

      A lot of people were against this!!!

    • Teniron123 says:

      Space X will be done with their starship by the time Boeing gets their first crew flight

    • joscaca says:

      @Richard 1 lol 😂? What? Show me the numbers. Lol 😆. Dragon costs less. WTF are you talking about. $55 to $60 mil to fly on Dragon vs $86- $90 mil on Soyuz.

      The SpaceX rockets are cheaper to produced and re-useable on top of that.

      As for the Dragon, heat shielding needs to be replaced and some electronics damaged during re-entry.

  2. DeSinc says:

    not to imply this is easy, because I’m sure it’s not… but they sure make launching people into space look easy

  3. Kevin says:

    With all of the shit going on in our world – this is the stuff that keeps me excited! Thanks spaceX!

  4. Emmanuel Motelin says:

    “Of course risk is part of spaceflight. We accept some of that to achieve greater goals in exploration and find out more about ourselves and the universe.”
    – Lisa Nowak

    • kim rick says:

      At least with Elon we don’t have to accept that “Committee Stupidity” or the BOGSAT Syndrome [bunch of guys sitting around a table] will put the crew at risk. He is on a path that will redefine our world in the short to medium term.

    • Odysseus Rex says:

      @Elbert John Felipe Good quote! Who said it?

    • Loveto ClearClouds says:

      The innerverse is much more fascinating and THAT is where we all need to be exploring and giving attention. The external will then follow.

    • Eric Miret says:

      @kim rick It will redefine the world in the long term, since he is literally writing history by making humans a multiplanetary species (assuming he succeeds).

  5. SeaGirl says:

    My mind is blown…. wow…I wanted to run outside and wave goodbye…safe journey crew. 🚀🌌🛸🇺🇲🌓Arohanui from NZ

  6. B N says:

    4:28:48 T-10.
    4:29:00 Liftoff.
    4:29:58 Max-Q.
    4:31:38 MECO & Stage Separation.
    4:36:29 Entry Burn.
    4:38:15 Landing Burn.
    4:41:03 Dragon sepaeation.

  7. Michael Wright says:

    Grandpa is by far the best narrator of these launches.

  8. Hiram Abiff says:

    In 1969 my mom and my aunt went to Europe. Mom asked me what I would like her to being back for me. I had no hesitation and asked her to bring me an Omega Speedmaster Chronograph watch. She bought it in Zurich for $115.00. I still have it and she bought it while the astronauts were on the moon.

  9. Pico says:

    Kid must be so proud, seeing his dad lift off to space and a year later his mom does the fucking same. Absolute legends

  10. Solving The Money Problem says:

    Nailed it again!

    • Hill Walker says:

      Was nice of Steve Jurczyk to give us a joke and remind us SLS exists. So we can directly contrast Elon and those who try to compete.

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