Cristiano Ronaldo scores first two goals for Juventus | ESPN

Cristiano Ronaldo scores first two goals for Juventus | ESPN

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks free and scores his two first goals with Juventus in a match against Sassuolo.

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67 Responses

  1. the notorious Samoka says:

    Now I can sleep without nightmare

  2. T3cHniqueszz says:

    Messi can be naturally more talent.

    But Ronaldo’s work ethic and dedication to be the best is absolutely Incredible.
    Something that people nowadays forget and kids can take a lesson on is to be relentless towards your goals .
    This is why I say he’s the best.

    • denharo francis says:

      +Ivan Tomić which is why he can’t be better than Messi because Messi plays more roles for his team ….u can damn near say Messi is the best midfielder and forward in the world and thts saying something….yes Ronaldo is very talented but he just isn’t a better overall player than Messi is….I mean look at Madrid rn Madrid is fine without ronaldo…im telling u Madrid carried Ronaldo more than Ronaldo carried Madrid…same for Juventus so far…Juventus doesn’t need ronaldo at all…he just makes them better …Barcelona without Messi would probably result in them not even coming third in la liga because most of the goals created by barca starts with Messi…that’s how impactful of a footballer he is

    • Erza Hunter says:

      Why does being a natural player means your better than someone who works harder??? The season just started so u can’t say real madrid don’t need him or not, wait until the season is over before making conclusions! Juventus need Ronaldo to win the Champions League so yes he makes them better and he is the missing piece to the puzzle, so stop taking away the credit he deserves!!!

    • Federico Russo says:

      +Bryan Diaz You all know stats are actually availabls right? Google them… You have all the right to say CR7 is better but in paper Messi has done more stats wise… We are talking.about goals per game… assists, etc etc

  3. Tommy Maguire says:

    I am a Barca fan since Ronaldinho Era and I admit I am very dissapointed he leaves Real madrid and Messi lose his best rival in LaLiga. CR7 is a legendary goal scorer. Very high goal Ratio prove hes a deadly goalscorer. Maybe it looks easy until you play on the field ,you will know how hard to score a goal especially in TOP league around the world. My respect for you Ronaldo.. #Barcafans

  4. Igor Leite says:

    I don’t say who is better. But I prefer CR7 instead of Messi.

    • Premi says:

      +Christopher Garcia Who doesn’t?Like Messi would turn down a tapin …GTFOH with that bullshit.Goals are goals.If you can dribble and score yours that’s great.Bagging results for your team is the most important thing.Some Messi and Ronaldo fans are the worst fans ever.

    • Ricardo Nunez says:

      Igor Leite No idea why, he tapped a ball in from the goal in from a rebound and just made a simple second goal. Don’t see any magic or need to celebrate like he actually did something yet…….I’m waiting for everyone to thumbs down my comment

    • Premi says:

      +Ricardo Nunez He can do what he wants,not every fan needs to be blowing Messi. They bought him to score goals,it’s only fair for him to be happy because he did his job after missing out in 4 games. He won them the game,but you knew that.

    • Guilllermo Hurtado says:

      Ricardo Nunez were all just happy that he scored there’s nothing wrong with being happy your favorite football player has finally scored for his team.

    • Charles Rabenda says:

      beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

  5. CR7 the best of the best says:

    Before Messi even began his debut for Barca Ronaldo was scoring goals for Man U playing with legends like Rooney, Scholes, Giggs. Was setting to be one of the biggest stars EPL ever had. Then he came to Real Madrid and won everything he could some things multiple times aswell and even beat Messi by a tiny margin there. Scored 450 goals for Real Madrid and all before that he had an amazing Man U career. If he continues this in Juve and wins something with the team which I know he will. Well…then we are going to see the best player this sport ever produced and an absolute legend that won everything he could but didnt reach the limit since there is no limit for Christiano… 💪👌If some Messi fan comes shitting at my comment it is better for him to waste that time on convincing Messi to switch a club for once in his life…

  6. Thang Nguyen says:

    look at that pace, 33 years old running like 23

  7. Tariq G says:

    Hands down, the greatest footballer in the modern era, aswell as athlete and as a individual.Need more Ronaldo’s in the world.

    • Johnny Santana says:

      T1lt3d you seem ignorant this man is 33 years old he has most of all the records. Individual he is the best. You say it like if its easy To score goals . Cristiano ronaldo is successful everywhere he goes. His success was more of hard work and motivation to the game to achieve greatness. Messi was born talented. If you’re talking team greatness spain iniesta and xavi and the Spain teammates are the legends . They won everything.

    • extremedude1234 says:

      +Johnny Santana as well as fucking up UCL ever since Xavi left and now Inesita too lmao people are fucking idiots

    • sleepy wolf says:

      Mario Shuttlesworth so who according to you should have got it nigga?

    • sleepy wolf says:

      Johnny Santana man hes got 33 trophies at a club….scored some of the greatest solo goals ever…I agreed that his international record is trash…but you do know that you need a team of 11 GOOD players to win an international trophy….argentina infact managed to reah the WC final unbeaten is itself a major achievement for their team as per current standards(that was also done solely by messi)….lets learn to respect them both…

    • sleepy wolf says:

      extremedude1234 you could well probably say that UEFA dont let madrid screw up…but I do agree that barca have been screwing up at the UCL but that has nothing to do with the departures of xavi and iniesta…

  8. PEDROJELLO says:

    why are barca fans now following Juventus? hmm interesting

    yes good question why yall here?

    • S M Haryanto says:

      Because deep down they missed ronaldo. Cause lets be honest, messi & cr rivallry what made la liga interesting

    • extremedude1234 says:

      +S M Haryanto lol yeah I’ll be honest I missed the rivalry it’s awesome

    • Pong Poull Der Führer says:

      +extremedude1234 yeah but the cancerous fanboys were just too cancerous

    • extremedude1234 says:

      +Pong Poull Der Führer people just need to fuck off and just enjoy them both of them are great you can have a rivalry of the club fine but if a player doesn’t score for 2 to 3 games all of his pass accomplishments are gone?? Man some people are straight up stupid

  9. Eddie Suarez says:

    1:46 those are also 2 great

  10. Football Highlights HD says:

    1:46 the camera man doing his job

  11. Jeet Sonwani says:

    As a Real Madrid fan, It’s always amazing when CR7 scores. He finally got the kind of fans he deserved

  12. Amazingshawn says:

    Juventus fans😍😍
    They love him
    Not at madrid

  13. WhateverSuitsYou says:

    I’m a Messi fan, but I couldn’t stop smiling at Ronaldo celebrating his first goal in Juventus. Suuuuuiii

  14. Fruit Farm Factory says:

    First time Ronaldo has felt love from fans since circa 2009 Manchester United era.

  15. Daniel Zaragoza Martinez says:

    The beginning of a new era in the Series A 😎

  16. Dilshad Dilu says:

    It’s just a beginning…. Our king is back

  17. A D says:

    Thanks Juventus fans for treating the king like a king 💜 coming from a real Madrid fan .

  18. Mamaic S15 says:

    Juventus fans are incredibly appreciated Ronaldo more than any other club , that’s way he chose juventus

  19. Manis Shahi says:

    The king is back 💪💪

  20. Eduardo Gonzalez says:

    It looks like in Juventus they truly love Cristiano

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