Crow thinks he’s sneaky

Crow thinks he’s sneaky

Crow thought he could get the drop on me.

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20 Responses

  1. crazyquacker75 says:

    +theultramariobros you must understand, they are here to troll

  2. AIIUserNamesInvalid says:

    +theultramariobros reported for racism, #notallreditors

  3. goomba008 says:

    +cakebombs literally?

  4. Ryan Perez says:

    +theultramariobros This video would be awkward to film in landscape
    anyways. agreed.

  5. djsarazen says:

    +theultramariobros Every time I post something on Reddit, no matter what it
    is, there are always people pointing out the “flaws” of the post. A lot
    (not all) of redditors are annoying like that.

  6. Ofer Weis says:

    Sneaky Beaky Like

  7. bubbastard says:

    No. He is sneaky

  8. John Rodriguez says:

    He’s just crowtobombing you.

  9. Hans Landa says:

    Holy shit Brandon Stark can walk again!

  10. kohula1 says:

    It’s probably because you are Bran Stark and the crow is trying to deliver
    unto you a message, one of utmost importance.

  11. seanlolol2 says:

    I bet the bird would be clever enough to record horizontally.

  12. Steven Girouard says:

    The comment section is surprisingly cancerous on this video

  13. pdNeoGeo says:


  14. YoungJin Kim says:

    The reason why I chose to use Reddit instead of 9gag was because of the
    stupid 9gag army. Now looking at the comments, I see no difference between
    9gag and reddit.

  15. colacastell says:

    But what does it want?

  16. Kyle Andrew says:

    Crow thinks he’s sneaky #trending on +reddit & exclusive to +JukinMedia 

  17. Jamie Mccormick says:

    people from reddit are soooo sad, they spend that much time on the internet
    that the way a camera is being held whilst recording actually bothers them.

  18. Brandon Martin says:

    30 seconds of black frame…

  19. Sophie Legg says:

    I always end up regretting looking at the youtube comments..

  20. Cristopher Binder says:

    You know nothing Jon Crow