CRS-13 Hosted Webcast

CRS-13 Hosted Webcast

SpaceX is targeting launch of the Commercial Resupply Services 13 (CRS-13) mission from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force station in Florida for 7:35 a.m. PST, or 15:35 UTC, on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017

This mission marks the first time SpaceX is flying both a flight-proven Falcon 9 and a flight-proven Dragon spacecraft. Falcon 9’s first stage previously supported the CRS-11 mission in June 2017 and the Dragon spacecraft previously supported the CRS-6 mission in April 2015.

Dragon will deliver about 4,800 pounds of cargo and material to support science investigations aboard the space station. After about one month attached to the space station, Dragon will return with results of earlier experiments, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Baja California.

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61 Responses

  1. CzFreegame says:

    And they did it again. SpaceX we salute you.

  2. อ้อเหรอ channel says:

    here 23:40

  3. Phil W says:

    Great job SpaceX, I can’t wait for falcon heavy! Let’s go to work and show Boeing and Lockheed it really get’s done!

  4. lucas says:

    What a time to be alive

    • A slice of cheese says:

      Not really. World reserves of oil will last for about 50 years max. There’s tension between world powers and we have nukes which can and will annihilate us all if we don’t take our heads from our assess. People are too focused on shitty politics and military instead of space exploration and net neutrality is also really problematic rn. Yeah, “what a time to be alive”.

    • StayFrosty says:

      A slice of cheese

      You have no sense of fun.

    • Brian S says:

      lucas just think to the Future when this will be mainstream and an everyday occurrence. People will look back on these videos and wonder why everyone is cheering so much

    • Odysseus Rex says:

      A slice of cheese You need to catch up. They (the infamous They) have been predicting there were only fifty years of oil left for . . about fifty years now. But actually, due to newly discovered reserves and new ways of exploiting reserves (fracking) it is now estimated that there are two or three hundred years left, with still more to be discovered. Also, there are far fewer nukes now than there were during the Cold War, and the major powers aren’t really pointing them at one another any more. There is a significant possibility of a small power using some, like one or two, and that would be disastrous, but not world ending.

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Couldn’t give 2 shits about some pictures of metal in space tbh

  5. Fessantt says:

    Congratulate Elon Musk & SpaceX !

  6. Abhishek Karki says:

    Its very very amazing. Great job SPACE *X* .

  7. Warp Drive says:

    The mission was completed in only 20 minutes but took 20 years to perfect it. Hats off to Elon Musk and people working in SpaceX

  8. Folcwine P. Pywackett says:

    Watching a rocket come back and land has to be the strangest and most beautiful sight in this space age!

  9. thetedmang says:

    The man could have taken his millions from PayPal and lived the rest of his life like a king. Instead, he chose to advance humanity in multiple fields. Thanks Elon, you’re inspiring!

    • stainlesssteelfox1 says:

      Not every billionaire is a supervillian, no matter what James Bond movies, specifically Moonraker may say. Secretly building a private space station to act as a Noah’s Ark is a lot harder than you might think. Yes, Musk could launch a GoldenEye or Laser satelite on that Falcon Heavy, but why should he? The way things are going, he’ll make more money out of converting the US to electric cars and renewable energy than he could ever extort out of the world’s governments.

    • Teboski78 says:

      Jan Christian Frodahl A king that works 80 hrs per week.

    • Odysseus Rex says:

      stainlesssteelfox1 If you want a good laugh, read the original book, Moonraker. Let’s say Ian Fleming was less than conversant with Rocket Science.

    • jacques rené says:

      william Greene
      Take me To hell !!!! LOL .creationist = Pumpkin….LOL

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Actually wouldn’t be surprised if he’s developing some scheme to take over the world. He’s got that kind of obsessive, conquering attitude…

  10. SAND MONKEY says:

    Even after watching this if someone is gonna say the earth is flat imma gonna slap that bi#¢h if I get to see him

  11. Jim Austin says:

    Seeing that 1st stage land so softly and accurately is always a magical experience, almost defies belief. You guys are doing wondrous things!

    • Wesley Howard says:

      I can’t help but laugh hysterically every time I see one of these boosters land just meters from their target in the middle of a litteral dam logo. Its one of the cockiest and most amazing tricks these guys pull off on a regular basis now.

  12. The Basicbill Channel says:

    To see the 1st stage separation and boostback burn…. Wow!

  13. FcuKeugenicSS says:

    Instructions unclear ended up on mars

  14. Kale Durden says:

    I still cry every time it lands

  15. Gin-chan Odd Jobs 万事屋銀ちゃん says:

    23:25 You can also see LZ2 all prepped and ready for Falcon Heavy too 🙂

  16. J A says:

    Made my day. Keep it up.

  17. I'm right You're wrong says:

    Elon Musk will be a name remembered for a very long time. What a visionary

  18. AndreaZzzXXX says:

    I never get tired about the first stage landing ! at 18:30 first stage separate, turn, and start the engine again … wow, just wow 🙂

  19. Endyo says:

    With that shot of the separation boost-back, is there a continuous shot of it coming all the way in like that? It would be really cool to see a single continuous shot going from launch to separation and back to landing…

    • Cam Mason says:

      I wish they had a YouTube channel where they uploaded the raw video for some of the cameras with cool shots like that, I could watch that all day, love it.

  20. leokimvideo says:

    The most beautiful landing to date. Thats 20 rockets saved from scrap.

    • criticalhard says:

      leokimvideo Saving materials at its best, those 20 rockets wpuld he garbage and spacex is doing it so great omg nasa is outdated now.

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