CRS-6 First Stage Landing

CRS-6 First Stage Landing

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16 Responses

  1. AvyScottandFlower says:

    Those stabilizing fins should go on the TOP end of the rocket, not the
    That should give way more stability for a vertical descent..

  2. Chris C says:

    These guys will make this happen …

  3. kristopher masterson says:

    and thats how babies are made kids

  4. Underground Explorers says:

    So close! You can see the octaweb and engines eject the fireball to the
    right and go overboard into the ocean. Looks like there was a fair amount
    of propellant still on-board.

    If this was an attempt on land with a large pad it would have been a

  5. Terrence Ngobese says:

    In Elon Muskes words “Well that’s one way to land” lol. Love this guy and
    SpaceX, keep going guys, we’re ryt behind you!

  6. CamiloSanchez1979 says:

    Make the legs just a few inches bigger and you’ll get it to work. They are
    too small

  7. m lab says:

    I’m no engineer so please help me out here if you are or if you’ve been
    reading about this for years :
    1) They are getting close. So close, a plan B or C to catch the rocket when
    it tips over would be very possible, and would save millions.
    2) What needs to work is the hardest part, so they might be “close” for a
    long time. Even more reason for plan B or C.

    Just as an example : I’m thinking huge poles at each corner of the barge,
    angled at 45 degrees holding nets ready to catch the rocket after the
    engines, thrusters, computers have tried everything and all relevant data
    has been acquired. Surely they could think up something way smarter.

    Anybody know why they don’t even try to take advantage of the fact they are
    actually touching on the barge and could make more options possible?

  8. David Ammerlaan says:

    so close tho

  9. Sanjay Dalal says:

    Hopefully my son, who’s studying in Aerospace, will figure this Rocket
    Science out one day. It would be indeed cool to be able to reuse the

  10. Abel Melquiades Callejo says:

    is it the weather?

  11. readyross says:

    Why dont they try the test landings in terrorist hideouts? You kill two
    birds with a stone. 1 you get some data for next time. 2 you kill
    terrorists. But when it does land perfect…You still have to blow it up. 

  12. Joseph Builders says:

    I believe they should use a cage or a plat form to hold the CRS-6 upright
    while it finishes it landing. Very unstable at the end of landing

  13. Joshua Kairl says:

    So Close! nice work +SpaceX 

  14. Nzechi Nwaokoro says:

    This is a big improvement from the last attempt. After they gather the data
    from this trial they will likely succeed in the next trial. Go SpaceX!

  15. Juan De Nada Jr says:

    Are you certain this isn’t a botched launch playing in reverse?

  16. Zach Ioannou says:

    Spectacular video showing the 2nd attempt by #SpaceX to soft land the
    first stage of their Falcon 9 rocket. Looking at how close they came this
    time to actually pulling it off I think that there is a very high
    probability that they will succeed on their 3rd try in June.

    Looking at the vast ocean and considering how small that drone ship is I
    would call this outcome a partial success. Well done SpaceX!