Crushing cable box with hydraulic press

Crushing cable box with hydraulic press

Cable box vs. our press
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. Rosalind Ross says:

    Crush the world largest gummy bear!

  2. NightGuard says:

    Crush a frozen soda can!!!

  3. yf1001 says:

    Crush your nuts please :0)

  4. Andreas Kalpakides says:

    Yawfhbreeker, i love you man!

  5. CJ Slammer says:

    Crush Donald Trump!!! And Hillary don’t forget her too!!!

  6. Harry Potter says:

    can you crush Donald Trump in the next video?

  7. Cyber Potato says:

    Please do a big pile of paper :)

  8. Michael O says:

    Crush a burger from whatever chain you have nearby.

  9. nyle santos says:

    That awkward moment when you drop your remote in liquid nitrogen

  10. Grant Baumgart says:

    What about a tire. Maybe a small one from a wheelbarrow. Could blow up like
    the hockey puck did. Inflated on a rim might be very dangerous. I’m not
    sure about small tires like that, but vechile tires have bands of metal
    wire for strength inside. Potential shrapnel just so you know.

  11. Kuro No Shiro says:

    Try pressing non-newtonian fluid :D

  12. Matt Coleman says:

    bones or statue of some sort

  13. AtomicBuster says:

    a marshmallow drop in liquid nitrogen and then press

  14. Cole Early says:

    You should do an iPhone

  15. lilhuge48 says:

    Lol crush a small microwave/pizza oven

  16. Jesse Richardson says:

    Crush a roll of pennies

  17. Prejudicial Liberty says:

    Do a motor cycle helmet!

  18. Scratch says:

    could you crush a block of liquid nitrogen?

  19. Angel Becerra says:

    who has a random drum with some liquid nitrogen

  20. Lee Varcoe says:

    Whenever I watch these videos I think of super mario