Crushing dynamite with hydraulic press

Crushing dynamite with hydraulic press

Dynamite vs. our press
Swedish Dynamite Channel
Our second channel
Our fan shop

Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. Kian “IHaxU4Cookiz” Rowe says:

    fuck your long ass add

  2. SangosEvilTwin says:

    Lovely shock wave!

  3. Kennedy Smith says:

    I didn’t read the title and I thought you were crushing a crayon ?

  4. AngryGolem 554 says:


  5. DJFizzle91 says:

    This guy sounds like goldmember

  6. Shredlet says:

    lol you just blew up your press for youtube likes, fuck i love you.

  7. Jonathan Gossage says:

    Good luck Eric!…..

  8. Zelolman Channel says:

    rip travel press

  9. Gregory Neighbors says:

    The sweedish way

  10. Matt Hay says:

    New channel dynamite channel? ?

  11. haram be says:

    crush a lava lamp or a phone.

  12. restingmoney051 H says:

    À dildio

  13. Jobbydogs Draw says:

    Please crush a piñata full of candy with the hydraulic press

  14. GreenEvilMilesSmilez _ says:


  15. Alex Rodriguez says:

    he should crush a hydraulic press with a bigger hydraulic press

  16. Tyler King says:

    RIP Steve, RIP. In life you were a hydraulic press. In death you have a
    name. See you on the other side old friend.

  17. Brian D says:

    its fine.. they can bend it back with the big press

  18. Christopher Sparks says:

    Please, what was that song at the end, at 2:09?

  19. Dorion Martinez says:

    i see what you meant now

  20. ANCHETA 101 says:

    Rip mini Hydraulic;(