Crushing Prince Rupert’s drop with hydraulic press

Crushing Prince Rupert’s drop with hydraulic press

Prince Rupert’s drop vs. our press
Thanks for Suomen Lasinjalostus for making theser drops
Slow motion were filmed with Chronos 1.4
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. hank frank says:

    crush a bouncy ball

  2. Saxie81 says:

    I could only imagine the stresses inside that prince Ruperts drop.

  3. Dynamic_ says:

    Crush legos. They need to know what it feels to step on them.

  4. Decimus Junius Brutus Albinus says:

    You should make over 10 minute videos

  5. Hydraulic Press Channel says:

    We are nominee in shorty awards at the weird category! You can vote us here

    The lower tool is made out of that steel part that I heated and dropped
    trough frozen lake, so it’s most famous steel part in youtube. I think I
    let it retire after this video and put it on display at my home 😀 Here is
    link to that frozen lake video if you have missed it

  6. n0peable says:

    damn that last piece was satisfying af

  7. Stanley Scalf says:

    The purer the glass the drop is made out of the stronger the integrity of
    the of the drop. Purer glass leads to less air bubbles in it which
    increases the strength of the drop to comic book levels of durability.
    There’s a channel called smartereveryday that demonstrated this. I wish you
    guys could collaborate so you could test some of the super strong ones he
    had made that would stand up to even BULLETS being shot at the bulb!!! THAT

  8. Celso Junior says:

    1:12 that’s what she said!

  9. Admiral Dolphin says:

    Try to crush bulletproof glass,

    And crush finally the promised furby please D:

  10. Wyrdo Jim Jim says:

    When you find a Komodo Dragon strolling around in Finland, you definitely
    must deal with it!?

  11. Kevy Moranski says:

    Vladimir, you must say, “What da fuck.” more.

  12. FlintSparked says:

    Komodo dragons have a salivary venom that cultures toxic bacterias, making
    the bites infectiously deadly.

  13. Azael Gomez says:

    crush my crippling depression

  14. The fancy man says:

    Hydraulic press vs sex toys

  15. SmarterEveryDay says:

    This is a Smarter Every Day approved Prince Rupert’s Drop crush.

  16. Anthony HT says:

    Glass kettlebell… this crossfit thing is really bringing us some weird

  17. Bigfoot And Bananaman says:

    Glue wood together and clamp it with the hydraulic press see if you can
    squeeze out all the glue

  18. sleepy listener says:

    it’s pretty cool that it broke as a whole and not just the head

  19. Skeptic says:

    Does anyone else wish they would team up with slow mo guys

  20. Alex Curtis says:

    Damn, got crushed harder than Matt Ryan’s hopes and dreams

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