Cruz Commander

Cruz Commander

January 13, 2016

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20 Responses

  1. TMZbluesoldier23 says:

    This is going on the Murcia subreddit

  2. Peppy Hare says:

    Ted Cruz sux.

  3. TopTribute Bands says:

    DT Prez TC VP, OK… And the rest can play Duck Duck Goose :-)

  4. Bowen Creer says:

    I didn’t like Ted Cruz before. I kinda do now. Lol

  5. James Clarity says:

    Watch out here comes some CRUZ CONTROL!!!!!!??????

  6. Sailor376also says:

    Ted Cruz Born in Canada.

  7. OMG Ethay says:

    God damn immigrant Canadians ruining MY AMERICA! TRUMP WILL RID US OF THIS

  8. Andrew Bren says:

    I hate Ted Cruz.

  9. Alex Rainer says:

    “Paid for by Cruz for president”

  10. Joe Ski says:

    Sorry to all you Republicunts but Bernie Sanders is gonna be president, not
    one of your inbred southerners

  11. Maximilian Szoke says:

    He wasn’t even born in the United States of America just because his mother
    was a natural born citizen means that he is too he has to be born the the
    United States of America to run for president and he wasn’t so all this
    money is being wasted for nothing because he will legally not be able to
    enter the presidency. Just stating the obvious.

  12. Maximilian Szoke says:

    Btw I’m doing this on iPhone that’s why the paragraph was bad

  13. Paul Timm says:


  14. The Pussy Diaries says:

    I won’t be voting for no SPIC

  15. IAMdeathblade says:

    He’s Canadian get the fuck out of here!

  16. McHunterThree says:

    I love his “I believe in gun control I use both hands” attitude.

  17. dragoon1090 says:

    Religion should have absolutely nothing to do with politics. America is not
    a theocracy. God doesn’t exist. Stop polluting the world with such

  18. Black Man In A Chef Hat says:

    Broke Back Mountain Prequel?

  19. betpow says:

    another faux shitkicker for cons to fall for

  20. Bruce Wayne says:

    Proof it all was a cover up !
    Ted just found Osama Bin Laden !!!