Customizing Nesting Dolls

Customizing Nesting Dolls

Hey guys! Today I am going to be painting on and customizing a set of Russian nesting dolls (or matryoshka dolls). I have been waiting (and some of you too) forever to paint these, so I was really excited to finally decorate these and add my own style to them. It’s a different type of doll customization haha. This was a really fun art project to do, I highly recommend it if you are looking for creative activities to do. There is so much potential to do all kinds of different characters with these and create a completely original set.

These are really awesome collectibles and make for such cool home decor. I could definitely see myself building a collection of them. They’re also really fun to take apart and put back together lol

I hope you guys enjoy watching me customize these “dolls.” Let me know if you want to see me paint the jumbo doll next!

Here are the nesting dolls I have (affiliate links):

The one I painted:
The “cone head”:
The big boy:
*make sure to tag me on instagram if you paint your own!!!

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44 Responses

  1. Moriah Elizabeth says:

    So many of you seem to think that I should have made the pineapple into gEoRgiE, and he is flattered lol. But since georgie IS a pineapple, it wouldn’t have really matched with the others since they are all in costumes, so that’s the reason why 😊 Maybe I’ll have to make another set using my characters?! ♥️

  2. IFlied says:

    Moriah: “I don’t think this will be popular.”

    Not even a day later: 1.7 million views

  3. BAS19 BAS says:

    No one:

    Literally no one:

    Moriah: o-OW. aN aGgReSsIvE bUg BiTe In My ArM pIt

  4. Aayma Unicorn says:

    Me:”oh the orange fishy looks cute……….
    Moriah:adds eyebrows
    Also me : …until nowwww “

  5. arilixa says:

    MAKE A PARTY TWO PLEASE I LOVE THE DOLLS or “animals in costumes” JUST MAKE MORE 🥺💖💖💖

  6. Nina says:

    Moriah: banana banana banana BANANA
    **SimplyBenLogical has entered the chat**

  7. T Hacky says:

    Me at the end of the video: *starts to go into other moriah elizabeth videos* AHHH I LOVED THAT VIDEOOO
    Moriah: oOooOo I aLmOst ForGoT tO sHoW tHeIr liTtlE bUtTs!😱😍

  8. Ceci says:

    Are you ever gonna do another “Bake with ME “ vid? I kinda liked that series

  9. Cailie Dickinson says:

    Moriah: “this ISNT trending
    1 day later
    #3 on trending !!!!

  10. expresso depresso says:

    Moria: “might not be that popular”
    Video: *gets number 3 on trending*

  11. Madalyn Blair says:

    New people: Look at that scar on her hand.
    Subscribers: That’s not normal…

  12. Stephanie says:

    Moriah: *Smacks doll on her head* Ow

    Me: Yeah that happens ya know

  13. Paulina Guerra says:

    The fact that it’s now 1 on trending means PEOPLE WANTED TO SEE IT.. and hahah she said it ain’t trending

  14. Sonia's Way says:

    Moriah : I don’t expect this video to become popular
    The video : Gets over 1.5 million views

    (I also create videos about things:)

  15. vaiotuber says:

    Moriah, “This isn’t trending.
    One day later, “1 on trending!”

    Also thank you Moriah for doing this my dad is Russian so I have one. I enjoyed watching it because I’ve never seen anyone paint Russian nesting dolls. Keep up the amazing work! Love ya! 😋

  16. Riley’s Dog House says:

    “These aren’t really trending.”

    #1 trending sign: *am I a joke to you?*

  17. Sofia Diamond says:

    Mariah: “This ISN’T trending”. Literally the next day: 1# on trending

  18. Brooke Hogle says:

    Remember the last time She painted humans didn’t go so well

  19. Sienna Williams says:

    Ok I’m just throwing it out there, if little goldfish doesn’t get to be a squishy eventually, I think my heart will shatter

  20. Nola Hawkins says:

    “I’m not expecting this to be very popular”
    *#1 on trending*

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