Cut For Time: Bieber Concert – SNL

Cut For Time: Bieber Concert – SNL

Kyle Mooney interviews fans waiting to see Justin Bieber perform on the TODAY show.

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20 Responses

  1. Jermaine Cole says:

    Kyle never gets old!!!!

  2. dusty johnson says:

    can you believe snl monetized any of their video’s

  3. therealitybeforeyou says:

    Thank you SNL for continuing the goodneighbour stuff! Us, old fans of them
    really appreciate it!

  4. Slaughta Ya Oughta says:

    Does anyone watching this know that he used to do this character on a
    youtube channel years ago?

  5. IKeepBadCompany says:

    I like the cut stuff better than the aired show.

  6. Quincy Adams says:

    At 1:09 that girl is gorgeous!

  7. collectivelight says:

    Yes! Kyle interviews are the best! Great to see he was able to carry over
    the character from the Youtube channel.

  8. BMACadelic says:

    This is *GOLD*.

  9. Josh Romer says:

    surprise, kyle’s sketch was cut

  10. FlyingOverTr0ut says:

    Poor Mooney, his sketches always getting cut for time. But at least they
    get to be seen on YouTube.

  11. Соɾу ℛ. says:

    “For your health.”

  12. chickadee says:

    this guy is carrying snl

  13. PlumpCh1cken says:

    han solo does

  14. RespectTheComedy says:

    Kyle slowly taking over snl.. much deserved.

  15. Charlie Everton says:

    i mean, goodneighborstuff was the fucking shit. but completely different
    audiences than for snl. i was super pumped beck and kyle joined, but their
    best stuff was done on that channel.

  16. Andrew Kraines says:

    What the fuck why they always cutting kyles videos

  17. ucreategames says:

    They seriously need to stop cutting Kyle

  18. don diablo says:

    i dont know what just happened

  19. Trevor Lombardi says:

    This shouldn’t have been cut; it’s gold.

  20. Paul Lutz says:

    king kyle