Cut for Time: March Madness (Ariana Grande) – SNL

Cut for Time: March Madness (Ariana Grande) – SNL

JoJo (Kyle Mooney) and BoBo (Beck Bennett) struggle to understand what a coworker’s (Ariana Grande) March Madness party is all about.

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20 Responses

  1. MyNameIsLeroyJenkins says:

    Why the fuck is SNL still on?

  2. louvelle957 says:

    This was terrible…

  3. Evan Cordova says:

    Where are the jokes?

  4. HotFieryTech says:


  5. MrBongo411 says:

    Was anyone else waiting for them to say Pajelehoocho at the pajama part? ?

  6. Flamingo Bill says:

    this is great. of course most people who watch SNL wouldn’t know…

  7. User 1 says:

    i didnt laugh once

  8. Figger Naggit says:

    Snl sucks dick now

  9. Landon Rivers says:

    It’s got Kyle, it’s got Ariana Grande, nobody in the comments gets the
    point, it’s perfect.

  10. networkdeath1 says:

    Ariana Fugly

  11. SkylarLynn Edits says:

    So clearly JoJo, BoBo, and Carrie all work at a start-up.

  12. Joel Rolston says:

    Wanna know what’s funny about this sketch? The fact that liberals don’t
    know how to write comedy. Ariana had better writers on Nickelodeon for her
    Cat character, and that’s saying something.

  13. Anthony Lopez says:

    Ah, portraying white people as autistic. Nice job SNL. I also like the
    black man following the white woman at the beginning and then watch as he
    stares at her ass. Nice job SNL. Degenerates.

  14. Lyrics of Today says:

    this is so stupid

  15. Jenny Fer says:

    I heard a little Cat Valentine in there??

  16. percywearspurple says:

    All the haters must have not known frogs are actually tadpole dads.

  17. gigglyfitzgirl says:

    That was dumb.

  18. Justin Calderon says:

    Unique type of humor, so random, and funny, I can see why a lot of people
    don’t like it haha, it’s very confusing, yet so dumb, love it.

  19. Holden Kerns says:

    Us Kansan’s will win!

  20. Ev an says:

    snl is too safe on television. bring back mad tv!