Cut for Time: Work Banter (Drake) – SNL

Cut for Time: Work Banter (Drake) – SNL

Derek (Drake) has a hard time figuring out his new coworkers’ (Beck Bennett, Bobby Moynihan) banter.

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20 Responses

  1. Antonio Castro says:

    I would hate working with these people haha

  2. John Ricotta says:

    Forty third

  3. Antonio Castro says:

    What goes down in kinkos stays in Kinkos.

  4. missyT XO says:

    last time i was this early i had a dad ?????????????

  5. chris says:

    drake in this is me everyday

  6. Jambo says:

    wtf was that!!!!!

  7. MG “XLCR” Uffo says:


  8. surgedeb says:

    Worst place ever to work. And thank you for cutting this.

  9. Jorge Rivera says:


  10. Karina Herrera says:

    did not laugh
    not your fault champagnepapi

  11. Jaylen Johnson says:

    Drake is so stupid, I was dying this whole episode

  12. Jaylen Johnson says:


  13. TheOrangeDemonFox says:

    why was this cut XD

  14. Emanuel Morales says:

    lmao “muy loco Pinocchio “, must’ve replayed him saying that over 10 times

  15. AmiaM Mag says:

    Lmaoooo this didn’t play at all

  16. Mayonnaise Man says:

    This was stupid but funny some how

  17. Fret Millen says:

    Beck is very forgettable and not funny

  18. Kyrah Hytche says:


  19. Mj Model says:

    Drake is more attractive than I remember

  20. UNIT Gaming says:

    Moloko Pinocchio