Da Baby & B. Simone Get All Flirty in the Classroom 馃崙馃挦 Wild ‘N Out

Da Baby & B. Simone Get All Flirty in the Classroom 馃崙馃挦 Wild ‘N Out

Da Baby shows up to class ready to put his rhymes to the test but gets distracted by B. Simone鈥檚 flirty energy. 馃槀Catch an all-new Wild 鈥楴 Out on Tuesday at 8/7c on VH1 馃檶

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75 Responses

  1. Anthony Stallworth says:

    What if they got the rock, John cena, fresh prince cast, NLE choppa, Adam sandler

  2. foxtuber #1 says:

    Karlous: Im tryna holler at that shawty in the classroom

    No one:

    No one at all:

    B Simone: *WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER*

  3. C-money4x says:

    Nick cannon:Yo dababy wanna be on wild ‘n out

    Dababy: yea yea

  4. Kide GAMINGHD says:

    Bruhh y鈥檃ll can鈥檛 to me dababy and b simone weren鈥檛 having a little thing the whole episode

  5. Carlfidence says:

    This really the best game . Imagine how many high schools got this going during lunch or whatever .

  6. Queen Daija says:

    No one:

    DaBaby: passing DC a note to pass to B.Simone馃憖

    DC: lookin confused asl not knowin what to do

    B.Simone: actin like she dont want the note(knowin damn well she do)

  7. BH Poiint says:

    鈥淒on鈥檛 lie who鈥檚 been a fan of Wild ‘N Out before 2020?馃槆鈥

    (瑟岽 散瑟覔岽浬瓷 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽徤瘁磭 岽∈溼磸 s岽準檚 岽涐磸 岽嶀磭 岽/ 纱岽忈礇瑟s )馃帀

  8. Killersean 17 says:

    2:14 look how many times B Simone touched her hair She was nervous 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  9. Itz Just Hova says:

    Who else came straight to the comments after the video to read about bsimone and DaBaby馃槀馃槀馃槀

  10. Sia Phares says:

    Charlieclips and his lil dance took me tf out馃槅馃槅

  11. Micheal Brown says:

    Thts crazy was just saying they should put da baby on wildn out

  12. aNgie waNgie says:


  13. Sayee Kannah says:

    Who else noticed DaBaby hand DC a note to give to B Simone just like how kids be doing in school when they have a crush

  14. The Perfectkillerkid says:

    I鈥檓 happy to see Darren Brand back, all we need is Timothy and Jacob

  15. Buju TM says:

    I really thought the white dude was going to say 鈥渟hooting up the class room鈥 馃槀馃槀

  16. Shakiem Jean-Joseph says:

    Darren Brand and Charlie Clips are Back for this Episode on Tuesday at 8pm on VH1. They need to get Tim Delaghetto back 馃挴馃挴馃挴I missed him

  17. Nenysty TV says:

    Why do they keep coming at Justina’s voice…… She actually has a unique voice

  18. Queen_Lizzy says:

    I love how she ask for his number but we all know she got it already馃槀

  19. Aliyah says:

    No one:

    Dababy: “Give B simone a kiss” in the classroom馃ぃ馃拫馃拃

  20. Cadedria Ross says:

    B. Simone: This my chance!
    Da Baby: Here we go….
    Me: Shoot yo shot bihhhhh!!!

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