DaBaby – Find My Way (Official Music Video)

DaBaby – Find My Way (Official Music Video)

Director – Reel Goats
Producer – Spicy Rico
Co Producer – Gemini
Production Manager – Shaq Gonzoe
Production Coordinator – Elizabeth Gomez
DP – Logan Meis
Steadicam – Aser Santos
1st AC – Philip Hoang
2nd – Zariah Daily
Gaffer -Daniel Kagle
Key Grip – STU
Sound Mixer – Timothy Vannette
Boom OP – Mehmet Adlil
1st Ad – Jakon Robledo
2nd Ad- Amber Bowton
MUA – Stacy Gonzalez
Hair – Tilomai Hill
Wardrope – Taisha Suero
Stunt – Jesse Johnson
Art Director – Giovanna
PD – Eloise Ayala

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56 Responses

  1. julius brown says:

    I feel like this need this on Netflix.

  2. Moe Dallars says:

    Use this as the I didn’t realize it was ten minutes long button


  3. yolizzey . says:

    They really should be together , she’s been looking for her booooyyyffrrriieeennnddd & i believe he’s right there if you ask me ! 🥺💕 .

  4. Hadija Abshir says:

    Who else wanna see a PART 2 ‼️

  5. DA Toddler says:

    you need to start being in movies fr fr,,

  6. Slavik Rodionova says:

    Oke listen up.
    I smoked a hour ago.
    I feel stoned af. I clicked this video and omg. It feels like the best movie ever.

  7. Anya A says:

    That’s it? We need MORE, atp we need a whole movie from them😭.

  8. Issalookbynayy Tv says:

    Who else came just to see him and b Simone 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  9. Gustav Peep says:

    Is it me or i’m hearing “friends”

  10. Tanesha Mills says:

    Dababy! That’s was more than just good this shit is creative asf I can dig it! U should definitely do more acting I can see u in a action movie 💯

  11. RR W says:

    Sometimes when you try to do the right thing, you just end up doing more wrong. HITS*

  12. Antoinette Lee says:

    Am I the only one who realized that it’s been stuck at the same amount of views

    Edit:Now it finally went up

  13. Tithanhobit says:

    “God is real.
    God loves you.
    God wants the best for you.
    Believe that.
    I do.”

    Chris Pratt

  14. Wyalita Reaction Video's says:

    Wow that was amazing y’all should have did a whole hour movie I want to watch that the ending I wish I ended a different way there was no conclusion like where did you guys end up

  15. _jahson says:

    “Every single person in my life tell me I’m a hero, but when it’s up and it go down, they treat me like a villain” that’s how it really be that tho😭😭

  16. Mr Beast says:

    I somehow feel like this was inspired by a song called “Daydreaming” by Vanessa Marquez.

  17. rëtrõ bęãts says:

    dababy after he finished singing:
    mission passed

  18. Daquan Wiltshire says:


  19. Caleb Dorsey says:

    I’d rather watch this than queen and slim

  20. Shaun Cx says:

    everyone : every dababy song sound the same
    Dababy : Producer make sure it has no bop in it! we going all in our feelings for this 1

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