Dababy – Suge (Yea Yea) Official Music Video

Dababy – Suge (Yea Yea) Official Music Video

“Baby on Baby” on all streaming platforms
Dababy – “Suge” (Yea Yea)

Billion Dollar Baby Production
Dir. x Reel Goats
Story by Dababy x Reel Goats
DP/Editor @ricodidit
Producer Gemini.one1
Producer Iamspicyrico

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44 Responses

  1. Stephen Spooner says:

    Dababydababydababydababy ??? 704 336 252 919

  2. W.O.L.F Life says:

    He is getting better and better

  3. Ryan Stroup says:

    Stunna 4 Vegas in the back on the table of course ?

  4. Shirese Crenshaw says:

    Baby on Baby is the best out right now!!??

  5. J P says:

    This why I don’t get my mail ??‍♂️

  6. Fresh Start Pressure Washing says:

    Im dead after watching the end. LMFAO You dont piss on nobody porch lmao

  7. chae monroe says:


  8. Space Beatz says:

    0:13 Type of deals these labels be giving these up coming artists and they be falling for it ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  9. Happy Ending Recs says:

    Best music video of 2019 so far! ???

  10. Marie Mcclain says:

    Video reminded me of a Missy or Busta rhymes or luda video

  11. Torey Taylor says:

    The man bout to take over ???? 704 STAND UP!!!!

  12. Drip Prophet says:

    This video so creative it’s funny

    • Lil Drippy says:

      Drip Prophet I wish one day I can be discovered. Im a young Artist 19 years old. Wish someone would just view and comment on my song on my profile. God bless you all, I wish all of you make it in Life

  13. Hänn S says:

    da babbyyy needa blow brahh !!1

  14. Mr CrossEmUp says:

    He literally slapped the shit out of him at 1:01 ???

  15. Offxcial Josh says:

    We need a video for every song on that mf ????

  16. The Daily Loud says:

    Da Baby & Stunna 4 Vegas shaking the industry!!!!!

  17. alto Visuals says:

    He got a Ludacris type of vibe. He reminds me of him so much with the silly stuff in the video. Lol

  18. Jmontt says:

    The Carolinas about to take over …. no ?

  19. Dezz says:

    He’s probably the only hood rapper that’s literally havin fun with it

  20. Gabe Yung says:

    Dem white folks was cutting✂ ☝up in this video with the dancing ????

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