DACA, explained

DACA, explained

Protection from deportation and the chance to work have been life-changing for DACA recipients. But if Congress and the White House can’t agree on a bill to protect them within a six-month timeframe, those protections will disappear.

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The most consequential decision President Donald Trump made on immigration in his first year in office wasn’t about the wall, or who’s going to pay for it, or anything else he talked about incessantly on the campaign trail.

It was his decision to announce, on September 5, that his administration would be winding down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program — a program he didn’t mention outright, that many people didn’t know about and even fewer understood.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which has protected nearly 800,000 young adult unauthorized immigrants from deportation and allowed them to work legally since 2012. The immigrants protected through DACA grew up in the US; people might not assume they are unauthorized immigrants, and they might not have even known it themselves until they were teenagers. The program was supposed to give them a chance to build a life here.

Now, DACA is on the chopping block. Trump, under pressure to make a decision about its future before September 5 (the day a group of Republican state officials were set to sue over its constitutionality), has decided that no one new will be protected under the program — and that those currently covered will start to lose their protection and work permits on March 6, 2018.

The prospect of DACA’s demise is throwing the program into sharp relief: calling attention to the “DREAMers” who’ve been able to benefit from it, and the ways in which their lives have been changed over the past five years.

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20 Responses

  1. Vox says:

    To read more about the timeline for ending DACA protections, check out this piece from Vox’s Dara Lind: https://www.vox.com/2017/9/5/16252648/trump-daca-end-deadline

  2. jrock smith says:

    this is not a timeline about DACA but an emotional coaster ride. no dragnet here at all.

  3. Ken Baik says:

    Did Obama break the law, by making his own law? Is it Congress job to make laws? Is Trump just trying to fix the problems of the past administration, by telling Congress “do your job”?

  4. Mr BreakRAK says:

    DACA means Democratic Administration Criminal Activity. As far as what it means to the kids across the country, I can feel for them. But DACA was an OBAMA nightmare, waiting to happen. 6 months is a long time, those that will be affected should prepare for the worse & hope for the best. Stand Up, stay Straight, & learn. Please REMEMBER, the Democratic Party put you in that position…

  5. Based Oda says:

    How much of Obama’s legacy is left at this point? Instead of building upon his predecessor, Trump is taking a flamethrower and setting everything Obama has done ablaze and pushing forward his cold and cruel agenda. This man is utterly ruthless…

  6. Ultimsing says:

    Feel sorry for you USA

  7. Juan Carlos Mercado Lopez says:

    the moment when you qualified for DACA and you ended up going back to your country before it passed 🙁

  8. Walter Blyzniuk says:

    get them out of the country!!!!!

  9. R A says:

    *deport all crackers back to europe*

  10. Danny Boy Jango says:

    Coming here illegally is a crime. Who knew?

  11. BADD1ONE says:

    Daca was never approved by Congress. Immigration law is made by Congress. Therefore Obama’s daca law was illegal

  12. Navadeep Sharma says:

    “It is mah dooty” said my brother, from the southern mother.

  13. gvi341984 says:

    It was a terrible law in the first place and now you have to with 800,000 far left voters. DACA was just a terrible idea…

  14. SciGuy says:

    Obama created DACA because he had compassion on people. Congress could not find the compassion.

  15. Mawizi says:

    How do undocumented ppl sign up for school & college? Don’t they need documents? Sounds like DACA incentivises fraud.

  16. Yewon2001 says:

    Ding dong DACA is dead. If we allow these illegals to stay it will just encourage more people to bring their anchor babies here.

  17. Peyton Montana says:


  18. Luis Perez says:

    Of course Nebraska was on of the states that sued

  19. kev villa says:

    I’m Hispanic, illegal immigration is not good for the economy because even if most of them pay their taxes, millions dont. In addition to that, Americans (and even immigrants) hire illegals just to pay pennies on salaries and not hire legal citizens.

  20. Lo So says:

    This is a great resume, and those that have followed immigration law closely know this. Now, if we could just get this information to those older voters that grew up in the times when immigration was way much easier in every sense. but they simply wont look outside of what Limbaugh, Jones, and all of those right wing extremist force feed them… I think is important to focus on those hateful bastards.

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