DAD OF THE YEAR! | Nets vs. Sixers Game 4

DAD OF THE YEAR! | Nets vs. Sixers Game 4

Shoutout to this dad protecting his kid as things got chippy between Nets/Sixers.

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79 Responses

  1. 3kidsnwifey says:

    There were two Dads in Dad mode

  2. Hadi Qasmieh says:

    Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special father to become a Dad

  3. Parker Lamor says:

    Damm My dad still out buying milk

    • Joseph Marino says:

      Who’s this+Blaq Adam

    • bible believer says:

      A basketball is made from dead animal skin…
      They take a hunk of a dead animal, and put it through a metal circle,
      Who watches this TRASH…
      Lol, overpaid clowns, that have
      No value…

    • Ghost PIT says:

      Haha Funny but true

    • bible believer says:

      +Ghost PIT just a distraction from the coming collapse and chaos that follows…
      The player’s are,
      Trans human ai robot’s, made in a lab… Transhumanism…
      Wakeup… Most people u see on a daily basis weren’t Born like us, they were made.
      Time is short.
      Much love, Christ Saves…
      Next time u go outside,
      Look up at are new white SUN, the Yellow 1 is gone, also it’s way 2 bright….
      ?did any 1 notice?

  4. Mike Lawry says:

    With ninja like moves the father escapes lol

  5. Loc T says:

    Let’s move to this angle and get a better view boy

  6. Marc Specter says:

    He might be your father, but he ain’t your dadd

  7. A GamersWorld says:

    They may hand put suspension if any of those fans had gotten hurt, especially children

    • El650Jefe says:

      na they accepted the outcomes once they bought the tickets. its in the fine print

    • JJrock132 says:

      I know dumbasses here says sports event are soft when you let players or the team pay fines if the fan gets hurt.. it always important for your fans to be soft

    • superman superman says:


    • Noah Cho says:

      +Naughtysauce I feel like people and athletes forget that they are nothing without the fans. The athletes are too high off their fame that they forget that the fans are what pays their checks. Look at why the wnba is doing so trash

  8. Andrew says:

    Look at that quick lateral movement as the dad makes an outstanding defensive play. It’s those type of hustle plays that win games.

  9. Nope Games. says:

    The real 2019 NBA mvp right there

  10. Super dad and super son says:

    Dad used the Ultra Instinct!!!

  11. Evan Obey says:

    Not my son! He would’ve been in the middle throwing punches for the squad!

  12. hamza ksentini says:

    And I’m here wondering how my dad looks like

  13. vladanr74 says:

    Dad of the year for just buying those front row seats.

  14. Thunder Up says:

    Dad started to reach for his phone first but was like “oh shit I should save my child” lol ?

  15. Leah T. says:

    “Look at dad!”
    “Look at dad!”
    “Yeah look at dad!”
    Lmao love this back and forth

  16. B Palmer says:

    Dad on the right tho, HUMAN SHIELD!!! ??

  17. manfred edilson says:

    He was already dad of the year for affording courisde NBA playoff seats

  18. Jessica 009 says:

    Imagine just seeing like 30 giants coming towards you

  19. C. Ling says:

    “Crap now I’m on trend my wife’s gonna know we sneaked out to watch the game”

  20. Savage Rosas says:

    Imagine if James harden could play good defense like that??

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