Dad Teaches Daughter How To Drive

Dad Teaches Daughter How To Drive

Dad is giving Mandy driving lessons.
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20 Responses

  1. Herbert says:

    Not funny. I’m glad I’m not from the burgh

  2. popcornbutterhigh says:

    stupid ass video

  3. Konrad Fitzgerald says:

    Ed Bassmaster?

  4. Judson Garr says:

    Why is this on my recommended??

  5. How To Redneck says:

    #1 rule for daughters in cars …. Stay Outta the Back Seat !!

  6. Ian Productions says:

    Why is this trending?!

  7. LAC1962 says:

    “Don’t drive through McKeesport at night…or the day.”

    Isn’t that the truth! It’s a war zone.

  8. Tyler Brown says:

    They didn’t stop at 1 stop sign.

  9. Austin Maksin says:

    I will be driven soon so this is helpful! Go Pens!

  10. SpicyPepsi says:

    Why is this trending???

  11. Omair Haq says:


  12. Zombie Tv says:


    man can i PLZZZZ get a sub or two? just come watch the stupid shit on my
    channel. i deserve atleast 500k.

  13. Stephon Washington says:

    Funny as HELL!!!

  14. TheShadowHunters says:

    when your home town gets featured ?

  15. MrDrakula says:

    I thought he said black guys

  16. Memee Moua says:

    Haha I got my license today ??

  17. Robert Robinson says:

    “George Senda” he is throwing shade at you.

  18. john rose (Goalz) says:


  19. dlove847 says:

    who would let a woman drive they cant do anything except give head. woman
    are generally just over rated dick holder and hold back society.

  20. Rafael C says:

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    if he gets not elected, so trump out he can payback with all his casinos
    and hotel or maybe his airplane probably it would be his 5th bankruptcy
    : ( if they don’t win the nomination is gonna be very funny : ) trump
    out the may also spent all the money pon those hollywood parties with
    republicans so as he goes to the white house tax payers give them the
    money like idiots but thats why we need a petition for an investigation
    of this criminals behind trump republicans foxn, this white supremacist
    are idiots and trump and republicans must go to jail it seems they spent
    all the money already