Dakota Johnson rips into her Mom, Melanie Griffith at Oscars

Dakota Johnson rips into her Mom, Melanie Griffith at Oscars

Dakota Johnson Oscars- During the red carpet, Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith did a live interview and Johnson had to be beeped by ABC. She seemed to get mad at her mother over her movie, 50 Shades of Grey.

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20 Responses

  1. TrueVintageRnBFan says:

    Wow, awkward.

  2. laila1989ism says:

    Did she just roll her eyes? :D

  3. ajnode says:

    “You don’t want to watch me fuck people! WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ARE YOU!?”

  4. hhv94 says:

    Honestly never liked the books and I would never see the movie. This
    interview was funny as hell but I think they choose the right actress for
    this crap movie/book. They go together so well…. :p

  5. Anna Jolie says:

    That was awkward. The whole way they acted was just…weird. Also that
    Dakota seems like a spoiled Brat..I know it’s terrible but I dislike
    actors/actresses who have parents already very famous in the showbiz..I
    just can’t take them seriously. 

  6. DeanoPiano says:

    Anyone smell bacon?

  7. Elefunk Dudeamister says:

    What the fuck does she expect her mother to say? Noice work in that sex

  8. gene mae dubria says:

    Hey people respect her moms decision
    Melanie griffith was so true and honest

  9. Angelina Leigh says:

    What total disrespect to Melanie Griffiths. This interviewer is the WORST.
    People have said it to her face how bad she sucks…. she just should not
    be in the proffesion, all her interviews are weird and awkward and stupid.
    This was insulting to Melanie to keep pushing the question, it made her
    feel awkward. The trailer trash interviewer need to look for a different

  10. Wakeda Franklin says:

    What a biitch! BRAT!!! Yuck…

  11. Preston Chandler says:

    I think it was more of a ill advised attempt at being
    controversial/interesting, not anything serious. 

  12. Bashful Nish says:

    Some people are overreacting, she didn’t disrespect her mom. This is a
    normal mother daughter interaction about a situation in their lives that
    affects both.

  13. aussieboy77 says:

    I thought Melanie handled herself well. Not too sure about her daughter
    though. She comes across as a petulant girl who needs to grow up. 

  14. babygirl2448 says:

    Omg ppl blow stuff so out of proportion it isn’t even funny! They were
    simply having a mother/daughter disagreement. It actually showed they’re
    normal ppl at the end of the day. I don’t think it was awkward I actually
    think it’s cute. She definately wasn’t “ripping into her mother”. Lol ppl

  15. Zoë Linger says:

    You people are so dramatic

  16. Cindy Manzanarez says:

    What a brat! 

  17. Cindy Manzanarez says:

    Excuse me your Highness! 

  18. wilmavc says:

    that is her mom, and her mom can talk for herself, and her mom know more
    about this business than her, her mom was nominated twice for the oscar,
    her mom did sexy scenes with nudity too, but she was rude to her mom I dont
    see any Joking around, melanie felt awkard and Dakota look was like a
    spoiled brat who thinks becasue she did this movie she is an actress or a
    good one, I was really mad when I saw this, melanie has been a great single
    mom,even with her problems, and Dakota will never fill melanie’s shoes as
    an actress.

  19. Oo2k10 says:

    Terrible Interviewer. 

  20. Geo Lew says:

    Funny how Melanie is embarassed of her daugther in this movie, but in Body
    Double she was totally raunchy, and I quote, “I will not shave my pussy, I
    will not fuck a dog”. If you really don’t like your daughter doing movies
    like this, don’t do them yourself.