i dont know whats going on!! turn on the news! attack at dallas police dpt!

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20 Responses

  1. Earl Green says:

    OBLIVIOUS John 19:19-22
    The ‘accusation’ put on Jesus’ cross was written in Hebrew, Latin, and
    Greek, and many people ready it. I assume that they were all oblivious to
    the major event pivotal to man’s history that they were just passing by! We
    too just pass by Jesus, pass by the homeless, addict, poor, sick, lame,
    lonely, depressed … not knowing what is happening, oblivious to the fact
    that Jesus has called us to help each other in love.

  2. Jim Greenway says:

    Why the fuck are people making fun of the way this guy speaks? He got some
    pretty sweet footage for us and gave us a narrative of the action. Quit
    being demon psychopaths.

  3. Tim Bruse says:

    Wow, man. How many 8 balls were you into?

  4. Luis Navas says:

    Yo dis comments dawg!

  5. Chriss Evans says:

    Cop department?

  6. Ahoohi says:

    Damn yo I sound like a retard yo.Eyes like I sees am hurrs gun shots in the
    cop departmentt yo.

  7. Hiram Hernandez says:

    Is a crazy and dangerous world.
    They have gone too far.

  8. Roberto Guzman says:

    Sigan dando permisos para cargar Almas

  9. Roberto Guzman says:

    Sigan dando permisos para cargar Almas

  10. Taint Man says:

    damn dog, shit yo

  11. Alex Coffin says:

    Sounds like a regular day in Mexico.

  12. Keven Braegger says:

    “I’m not getting up! They may think my camera is a gun..!”

  13. Brandon Kepple says:

    Who is taping this? Vanilla Ice? 

  14. TheDrAmazin says:

    “I hope everyone’s okay”….
    Well after all those gun shots, I’m sure everyone is just peachy.

  15. mikey says:

    I seriously cannot stand the way you talk. 

  16. He E says:

    Shut the fuk up. You sound dumb as shit. Yo

  17. Jiaying Lin says:

    Poor police.

  18. Jorge Figueroa says:

    God you sound like such a fucking pussy

  19. Knoar says:

    Damn G(inger) you hella G!

  20. White Trash says:

    *Lmfao!* – Y’all think that typical Texans, for the most part talk like
    No they fucking don’t! They sound like this nerdy punk dude … *XD*