Dallas Shooting | Panic and Chaos in Texas

Dallas Shooting | Panic and Chaos in Texas

Snipers open fire in downtown Dallas during a rally against the fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

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20 Responses

  1. Pedro Aguilar says:

    Fucking pigs deserve that, stopping people out here in the streets just
    cause they want and then shooting them.

  2. Demarcus Shields says:


  3. Sherry Jones says:

    Did you guys forgot that it was a peaceful protest before the shooting? the
    protesters wasn’t armed and ready to kill cops.

    The suspects were.

  4. 3many15 says:

    there goes the black lives matter campaign

  5. Mason Kiefer says:

    It’s official….
    2016 is the 21st century 1968. Nothing but chaos.

  6. followtheflow2 says:

    This whole ordeal should be an eye opener to the protests. The police not
    only protected the silent protests, but also just risked their lives to
    keep the civilians safe. I think police and civilians should unite
    together, but this will take many many years…

  7. Christian Lied says:

    This is so close to home

  8. landon bowers says:

    Funded by Hillary Clinton

  9. True Lies says:

    Bruh Dallas is going to turn into gotham city in the third batman movie

  10. Nick 006 says:

    God we care more about black matters then fucking ISIS killing all our
    soldiers. PS fuck Hillary

  11. 7th Generation says:

    This new GTA game looks so real

  12. Diablo Nation says:

    Now what anonymous group going to say HA? Nothing but bs.

  13. Justin Nixon says:

    I think those two cops needs to turn himself in before it gets more out of
    control. Those two man deserve justice for getting shot for no reason.

  14. Fifa KinGz says:

    This is why I stay in my house now a days…

  15. robert wilson says:

    America has all types of bullshit going on rn

  16. L says:

    as a police of the LAPD, I don’t what’s worse the assholes making fun of
    this tragedy, or the assholes using this as a opportunity to make fun of
    black lives matter or black people in general. SMH

  17. bassam alomari says:

    I hope they fix the police force before get worse than that .

  18. Corey Soze says:

    Still Racism is not fixed.

  19. Thy Lord says:

    fuck black lives matter #everylife matter

  20. Lee H says:

    the police where not dying for them, at least not at the rally..the target
    was obviously police officers. nobody else was harmed..another said day in
    American history.