Damian Lillard DESTROYS the Thunder with EPIC GAME-WINNER – Game 5 | April 23, 2019

Damian Lillard DESTROYS the Thunder with EPIC GAME-WINNER – Game 5 | April 23, 2019

Portland Trail Blazers vs Oklahoma City Thunder – Game 5 | West First Round | April 23, 2019 NBA Playoffs
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59 Responses

  1. Morvan Bittencourt says:

    Westbrook: Next Question
    Lillard : Next Series

  2. Michael Atkinson says:

    Lillard traveled back to okc to shoot that 3 just to tell the fans bye ?

  3. Joel Smith says:

    Drills it from forever away, and waves “bye bye” to Russ. Legend Effin Dary. King of Rip City

  4. JC TV says:

    Damian: Bye bye ?Westbrook

    Westbrook: Hey I got my triple double though?? that’s all I wanted


  5. Shawyon Louyeh says:

    At around 0:09 Andre Roberson starts talking shit to Seth Curry. Brutal what he does after lillard’s shot goes in.

  6. J L says:

    It’s ok guys, Westbrook got his triple double again 🙂

    • Toeasy 11 says:

      +GuessWhoNot i agree trading him is a reach but yea he acts like a female he could be top 3 in the league frfr he some bullshit

    • timjenkins502 says:


    • Steven Mcilwain says:

      Does that mean I get my 32 percent off NBA shop.com ??

    • Erin Kenney says:

      Steven Mcilwain yup

    • Juan José Prieto Hurtado says:

      No sé cómo se dice en inglés pero este fue un duelo de amargos: Lillard vs Westbrook. Ya vimos al ganador. Impresionante lo amargos que son en 3 años seguidos Oklahoma no paso de la primera ronda, con tantas flores que les lanzan, diciendo que Westbrook es el mejor y ahora teniendo hasta a George. Una verdadera vergüenza.

  7. Daly Williams says:

    The confidence he had in the shot is crazy he knew he had it. I almost pissed myself ? he the ?

  8. Kelly oubre Is cute says:

    One of the greatest playoff performances of all time.

  9. ASMR CARBON says:

    He literally Michael Jordan Last shot Westbrook out the playoffs… Lillard more clutch.. better player.. and better teammate than Westbrook… Period. Actual FACTS. AND did a step back 3…. That’s legendary.

  10. E- Trayde says:

    Dame Lillard is on a new level! ??! He called GAME! That’s why you don’t ever sit him when he’s on fire for rest…ask the Rockets about Dame in the playoffs!!!

  11. dmeister98 says:

    For 50 tho?? He’s not playin somebody give this man the ball

  12. Dervo36 says:

    Like if Damian has been underrated for years ??

    • Dervo36 says:

      yea I noticed that it’s just he nor the team gets enough recognition on the major outlets

    • Dervo36 says:

      Water Bottle I been following basketball since I was 8 years old I know basketball been watching his games for years fam

    • Water Bottle says:

      Dervo36 then why would you say he’s been underrated for years

    • Dervo36 says:

      Water Bottle because if you wanna be technical he is he doesn’t get enough recognition like other players of his caliber..only time he’s really recognized is when he’s on the court nobody talks about how he’s been carrying his team for years he gets more of an in the moment type of shine

    • Chris P says:

      I was going to say the same thing dudes been a beast for mad years and doesnt get the attention/respect he deserves im not even a trailblazers fan

  13. Wylie Peach says:

    You can see the OKC bench talking to Curry in the corner, the stare-down/words after Lillard drills it tho…XD

  14. Dr. Tylochromis says:

    0:14 Just look at Seth Curry in the corner, Savage AF.

  15. Infamous J-H00ĶŻ says:

    *Blazers all the way and he waved goodbye Westbrook* *(SAVAGE)*

  16. addy says:

    I was at the game … I have never experienced such intensity in my life , every single one of blazer fans were screaming at top of there lungs , Russ and George didn’t even shake hands , went straight to the locker room lol

    • Kushy says:

      lol I mean dame took out their soul, no way they’re shaking hands. OKC fans didn’t even see that coming but me as a Lakers fan I knew, Dame hit those shots to win games against us but OKC didn’t see that coming at all lol

    • Genevieve says:

      addy you lucky bastard 😉

    • Star Boy says:

      Kushy You would think OKC would learn from Steph’s iconic 2016 game winner lol

    • Kushy says:

      +Star Boy Oh that was a killer too but I mean PG has never been hit with a dagger three from 37 feet away. That dude was so salty afterwards you can tell in the postgame. But hey, he chose OKC so he’s gone have to deal with it. He burned all bridges with the Lakers, maybe the Clippers are willing to sign him when he’s a free agent again aha.

    • burning the candle at both ends says:

      He won me 400 buckets. I didn’t was that much full of adrenaline 7. Am. (I live in germany)

  17. gothsamurai XoXo says:


    Russ:am i gonna make it?

    Rim:next question

  18. daniel murillo says:

    Lol so glad to see Paul George and Russ not move on ? that’s what Paul George gets for not going to the lakers , (yes I know the lakers didn’t even make the playoffs) but still , I can stay salty lol

  19. Al pacino says:

    That is the most coldblooded shot i have ever seen.

  20. Keep It Zen says:

    Who has watched this over 50+ times and still can’t believe it?

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