Damian Lillard Ends OKC’s Season With Epic Buzzer Beater | NBA on TNT

Damian Lillard Ends OKC’s Season With Epic Buzzer Beater | NBA on TNT

Damian Lillard had an incredible performance in Game 5, scoring 50 points and hitting the game-winning, series-clinching buzzer beater. What does this early exit mean for the Thunder going forward?

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81 Responses

  1. Hit This Loud G Before I Change My Mind says:

    “Next Question?” How about next season mfka ?

  2. Aric Goss says:

    Letmetellyasomethin….OKC really competed but they gotta be a LOT smarter

    • Z Channel says:

      They should build arpund PG13 not on this westbrick , back then before KD leave he is ball hogging in play offs for mvp that it cost them their chip
      Hopefully OKC trade brickboy for much better PG like kemba

    • Fly Lillady says:

      Ok completely forgot about Steven Adam’s this whole series.

    • Joseph Salinas says:

      Westbrook has to be a lot smarter

    • PixelGGod says:

      Welp they need to let westbrook go because i’d rather have a smart playmaking defender than to have a triple double machine that coudnt impact/close games on a daily basis ik that hes competative and all but if you want to win you need to remove that pride of yours

  3. suhail ahmed says:

    Dame callled Game. What a clutch dude!

  4. Terrance Johnson says:

    The most disrespectful shot of all time, congrats.

  5. M M says:

    I hope Westbrook is happy with his triple double.

    • Patsy Sadowski says:

      He is not a team player. All those saying he broke records so they’d be happy should watch tennis. His team lose because of this strategy and he doesn’t adapt. I can’t believe people blame KD for leaving.

    • Andrew Fischbach says:

      dasun13. He’s trash and doesn’t care about winning- only stats

    • Isaiah Summerford says:

      Joseph Kony – child kidnapper WarLord Prophet someone’s salty ???

    • MaCeo Millions says:

      M M ???

    • PixelGGod says:

      +HCM 619 did westbrook carry a team that has no superstar to the finals? The answer is no!! Lebron took his 2007 cleveland to the finals with who?? Verajao?? Ilgauskus??and he won MVP that same year what about westbrook?? Did he go to the finals during his MVP year? Welp no he coudnt he was busy Stat Padding that he choked in the playoffs i bet that without durant and harden during the OKC year back in 2011 he coudnt even make the finals. Yes westbrook is talented and athletic but if he could just remove that selfish and prideful side he could have been a great player because 1. He is pretty competative 2. The athleticism is there and also the talent 3. He is very loyal but in order for him to be great he needs to remove those “bad factors”.

  6. JL Llorada says:

    That moment when Dame waved goodbye… Priceless!

  7. FullMetalSole says:

    Letmetellyousomthin….. Ernie look it’s about that time for the second roun..hold up…Erine it was a game winner that’s a bad way to lose a game Erine…. (commercial break)

  8. Mike Gates says:

    Russ got that Triple Double tho. Still doesn’t lead to wins tho. lol. Trashhh

  9. John Lodel says:

    Shaq shakes ernies attempt at a fist bump at 4:19

  10. Money Grow says:

    Paul George: its all good russ. We got next season. Wanna go fishing tomorrow?
    Russ: next question

  11. mogtrader8 says:

    Steve Urkel n Lillard was clutch down the stretch.

  12. C Rivera says:

    Portland redeemed themselves from that first round exit last year against the pelicans

  13. KPspeaks FACTS says:

    Dame didn’t ‘rock the baby’..he gave them the ‘bye bye baby’

  14. Kyle Jones says:

    They’re hiding Westbrooks fg%. Oh wow another triple double. Bye bye.

    • -chase says:

      i dont think fg% matters as much so long as you come to play hardn and get the W (though sadly he didn’t)
      (kinda like when harden went 0-15 in the beginning of the jazz game the other day)

    • clevelandcbi says:

      Westbrook has now become a worse FT shooter than Lebron. How the heck does a guy go down that badly???

    • adam brown says:

      +jj Not really… T-Mac played during the post-Jordan Lakers/Spurs dominated era when analytics hadn’t really come to dominate the game where-as Russ has access to that information (beyond that modern teams are built around said information) and just doesn’t seem to care. Case in point: T-Mac’s efficiency numbers are only a little worse than Kobe’s, the big difference really being FT% (and he was a better 3 point shooter which, in the modern game, with the 2-3 times increased volume of 3s, would’ve padded his efficiency considerably), he just didn’t end up on the same teams Kobe did (and I say this as a mental Lakers fan). If we re-ran history and had Manu Ginobli traded for McGrady, we’d probably think T-Mac was a top 30 player.

    • David J says:

      jj what teammates did mGcrady have that compare to Paul George or Durant?

  15. HarlemGirlLost87 says:

    At least Russell Westbrook doesn’t have to say “Next Question” no more??

  16. Sherman Tan says:

    So Melo wasn’t the problem huh?

  17. Steve Sheldon says:

    Dame took only two more shots than Westbrook but scored 21 more points.

  18. Thank You says:

    Do we need anymore proof that padding stats doesn’t equate to greatness?

    • Austin Istvan says:

      Thank You bro Dwayne Wade just retired with 5 triple doubles for his entire career. Westbrook isn’t clutch and he’s awful in the playoffs but dude is a definite hall of famer with 3 straight triple double seasons, possibly 4 after next season. Dame is better tho

    • Thank You says:

      Sorry don’t recognize those names, I only recognize one name here, Damian Lillard , certified Legend and Killer

    • key on says:

      Lou Bizzie it would be a terrific achievement if he didn’t steal rebounds, didn’t force his teammates to shoot bad shots, didn’t shoot the ball 30 times to score 20 points… actually had an impact on a contending team not being a cancerous player

    • Thank You says:

      sounds like another guy i know, what’s his name? Lebron James?

    • Andre Franklin says:

      Thank You I hope you have that same attitude towards Lebron yes?

  19. tclass99 says:

    I got out of bed and watched the 4th because I couldn’t sleep…. even though I had to be at work at 6AM this morning….. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

  20. Omar Pimentel says:

    Westbrook is probably like “I went out with a triple double, im good”

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